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East Hampton Electrical, Plumbing, & Heating Services

East Hampton plumbing, electrical, remodeling & heating

We rely on our plumbing, electrical, and heating systems for safety and comfort. It's important for us to pay attention to these systems and make repairs or upgrades when needed. It's not easy to deal with surprises, especially in the middle of the night or on a holiday when it's hard to find a repair contractor. Prevention is the key.

Whether you need emergency plumbing, electrical, or heating repairs or need to upgrade those systems, our team at Rapid Service LLC is here for your service needs. We are the East Hampton plumbers, electricians, and heating technicians to call.

Full-Service Electricians In East Hampton

It can be tempting to work on your electrical system yourself. After all, how hard can it be to replace an outlet or a light switch? The problem is that it only takes one mistake to be electrocuted or start a house fire. The repairs you make now could cause a fire or electrocute someone else sometime in the future too. It simply isn't work the risk.

Only a licensed electrician should touch your electrical system. We'll make sure the repairs are handled right so you and everything you care about aren't in danger. We have spent years in the electrical industry with years of training before that. We can easily identify problem and take care of them correctly.

Our electricians can take care of any problem whether it's faulty wiring or an outlet that needs repair. Don't hesitate to call us for help. We are ready and willing to make sure the electrical system in your house works smoothly.

Full-Service Plumbing In East Hampton

Call us for 24/7 plumbing repairs in East Hampton. You'll get Rapid Response to your emergency plumbing needs. We arrive in fully stocked trucks to minimize repair delays. When you need plumbing fixture upgrades, replacing your old fixtures is a breeze for our expert East Hampton plumbers whether you have a historic home or newer. We can design and install new plumbing systems, including performing the excavation work.

Our plumbers also repair and install well pumps. If you are having problems with yours or need installation, we are ready to help. Well tanks are the right solution for survival during water shortages. Whether you need repairs on existing tanks or a new installation, call us. Our plumbers can also install water filtration system for good quality drinking water.

East Hampton, CT

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"We have used Rapid Service on our previous home and our new home. They have done plumbing, electrical, carpentry, kitchen appliances and bathroom tile. The work they perform is explained in advance, the costs are explained in advance and the results always exceed our expectations. For the bathroom tile they had to re-build to create straight and level conditions and it took the technician a while before he was satisfied with his own work before even starting the tile. They are always courteous and take the time to explain to non professionals. And the office is always pleasant and will make things right. I recommend Rapid Service for any home task. They are fair and honest and will not try to get you to do more than you need. You may find someone cheaper to do the work, but for the highest quality and positive service choose Rapid. Thanks Andy, Ozzie and Rachael - you are all wonderful"

| Rated: 5/5

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If you are looking for electrical, plumbing, or heating service in East Hampton, CT, please call Rapid Service LLC at 860-228-1036 or complete our online request form.