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Franklin plumbing, electrical, remodeling & heating

Rapid Service began as just two individuals who shared a business philosophy and over two decades has grown into a large company that strives to spread that philosophy throughout the home repair industry. Whether we're working on your plumbing, heating, electricity, or doing any type of construction work, we strive for professionalism, quality work, and honesty at every turn.

And because we have Franklin plumbing professionals in many fields, we're able to offer more than just emergency repairs. With our team of licensed specialists, we can offer complete home improvement projects. Whatever you need done for your home, Rapid Service, LLC is the premier company to schedule to get the job done.

Franklin Plumbing Services

Our Franklin Plumbers provide the most reliable plumbing services in the area. With our vast experience, highly trained contractors, and professional grade tools, we can handle any and all plumbing repairs. The comfort of your home is reliant on the functioning of your plumbing system, so we handle every job with respect and high regard.

Franklin Heating Repairs

Your heating system is important not only to your home's comfort, but often your safety as well, and our Franklin heating contractors don't take these repairs lightly. For any emergency heating repairs, you can call us day or night for immediate service. Our Franklin contractors are equipped to repair all types of heating systems and to do so with punctuality and professionalism. For any repairs of furnaces, radiators, or any other type of heating system, you can count on our professional staff to tackle the job. We have customer representatives available to take your call 24/7, so you can schedule an appointment when you need it!

Franklin Electrical Repairs

Our licensed Franklin electricians are available around the clock to make sure your home electricity is working properly and not putting you or your family in any potential danger. If you're experiencing problems with sparking light fixtures, brief power outages, or burned outlets, your best option is to call a licensed professional. We can make sure that your home's electrical system is in good condition with a safety inspection, or take care of complicated tasks like panel replacements. And, of course, you'll always receive the most accurate possible up-front and all final decisions will be left to you. So for the best in professional Franklin electrical repairs, call for an appointment today.

Franklin Carpentry and Remodeling Services

From small-scale renovations to full deck installations, our Franklin remodeling contractor does it all! And we're dedicated to providing these services at a reasonable, affordable price that will suit each individual's needs. Our extensive knowledge of carpentry allows to complete any task you've dreamed up and turn your house into the home you've always wanted—all while raising its value!

Franklin, CT

Services We Provide in Franklin, Connecticut


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If you are looking for a professional Franklin Professional Home Service plumber, electrician, remodeling contractor, or heating expert then please call 860-228-1036 or complete our online request form.