3 Signs of a Main Drain Blockage

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The old saying “what goes up, must come down” relates to plumbing as well. What goes in, must come out…except for when it doesn’t. The main drain of your home, also called the main sewer line, is one of the most important parts of the plumbing system. When it’s blocked or clogged, the pipes can be damaged. The sooner you know there’s a problem, the less expensive and stressful a plumbing repair can be.

Here are 3 warning signs that point to a main drain blockage.

Slow draining tub or sink drain

One slow sink or backed up tub points to an issue with that specific line. However, if ALL the sinks, showers, and tubs in your home are taking forever to drain, that’s a sign of a main drain blockage. If you go into your basement, and find water bubbling up out of the pipe in the back of your washing machine, that’s a definite sign of a main sewer clog. Note: homes with a septic system should start by having their tank pumped out, especially if it hasn’t been done for years. When water is STILL backing up after that, you’ll need a plumber to deal with the clogged inlet.


Gurgling toilets

A ‘gurgling’ noise after you flush is another sign of a main line blockage. A common cause of blockage is tree roots. When a tree is too close to the outside plumbing system, its roots can damage the pipe. This is especially true if you have old sewer pipes made of clay. Over time, that clay has weakened. Tree roots are strong, and will cause damage. They will crack the sewer pipe, continue to grow inside the pipe, until it’s filled up and there’s no room for the water to go. The roots also snag toilet paper, creating more clogs. A professional plumber has the equipment to cut and clear the roots out of the drain. If the drain is totally damaged, your local Willimantic CT plumber has excavation equipment to remove the bad drain and replace with new.


A root ball that one of our plumbing technicians discovered in a Mansfield CT drain line

Constant plunging

Do you reach for the plunger on a daily basis? You shouldn’t need to plunge after every flush. You also shouldn’t have to plunge every time you wash your hands. These are signs that the clog is further down in the main drain. Remember: more than one fixture clogging up is a sign that it’s a main drain issue. We do NOT recommend using chemical drain cleaners. They can do more damage to your plumbing system and create an expensive mess. They are also dangerous to your plumber if he does need to make an emergency plumbing repair.


Your local Willimantic emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides emergency main drain blockage repair. We also provide preventative plumbing maintenance. If you’ve noticed that things are running slowly, give us a call TODAY before the main sewer gets completely clogged. Your local Willimantic CT plumber has a variety of equipment to clear clogs created by excess toilet paper, tree roots, collapsed drains, and even things that your furry friend knocked into the toilet without you weren’t looking! Want to get an idea of why your drains keep clogging? We have camera inspections available too. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule main drain service today!