3 “Smart Plumbing” Trends

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

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Everyone loves ‘smart’ technology. Smartphones and tablets are staples of our lives. Slowly, everything is being linked to your smartphones. You can look to see who’s knocking on your door, check in on your home’s temperature, and receive home security alerts all on your phone now! Make way for “smart plumbing” technology to make our increasingly busy lives a little easier to manage.

Water shut-off valve

If you have a vacation home or travel long periods for business, this Fortrezz valve will appeal to you. It’s a wireless internet-connected ball valve. You can turn the water on or off by using the app on your ‘smart’ device. This provides great peace-of-mind if you have a shared family vacation home. Don’t worry about assigning someone to shut the water off before leaving. This provides protection from frozen and burst pipes over the Columbia CT winters.


Musical showerhead

Love to sing in the shower? Maybe you have a dock your bathroom counter or a battery operated shower radio. Did you know you can combine your music AND your showerhead with smart plumbing? The “Moxie” showerhead by KOHLER uses the Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. It’s all wireless. They even come in different colors now. What a cool gift idea for that person that has everything!


Luxury washlet

Otherwise known as a “bidet,” the washlet has come a long way! This TOTO washlet can be programmed to open and close automatically, remember your heat settings and provide just enough water pressure for cleanliness. Not only does it keep YOU clean, but it cleans the toilet bowl after each use. It does run pretty pricey, if your comparing it to a ‘traditional’ bidet seat. It’s a great smart plumbing application for a ‘living in place’ environment. You really can’t put a price on your health and hygiene!

Your Columbia CT “smart” plumber

One of the things that sets a Rapid Service plumber apart from the other guys is how closely plumbing trends are watched. Our staff is constantly training and learning about all the new advances in the plumbing technology world. What’s that mean to you? That means that when a Rapid Service plumber goes to your home, s/he will have a TON of solutions for you, that best fit YOUR home. We’ve been installing a lot of “smart plumbing” applications in Columbia CT over the past few years. It’s growing in popularity, as we depend on our smartphones more and more.

If you’re planning your holiday shopping, these kinds of gadgets are fun for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list. Give a call to schedule a “smart plumbing” installation and check that off your list! 860-228-1036