Clear Your Drains Not Your Wallet This Valentine’s Day

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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Don’t let clogged drains ruin your Valentine’s Day!

A candle lit table, complete with a spread that you made completely from scratch, is ready for the night. You intended to make your sweetheart swoon. However, you dumped all the grease into the sink and pushed some veggie peels into it as well. You let the water run, hoping it would let loose on its own. You turned your back to stir the sauce and heard a splattering noise.  The kitchen sink drain did NOT fix itself as you had hoped. It’s completely clogged and backing up now. Water is spilling over and pooling on your kitchen floor. How are you going to fix this before your honey gets home?!

Although our techs would be flattered to be your Valentine, this special day should be for your loved ones instead. We have some tips to help you avoid drain problems.

We also know that life happens. Your local Andover CT plumber will work quickly so that your Valentine’s Day dinner is the surprise you intended. As an emergency plumber, we understand the need for ASAP repairs, especially during a holiday. 


Keep an eye on them

First, if a drain or tub is slow or clogs easily, it may indicate that there is a more serious problem down the drain line. Common clogs for kitchen sinks include food waste and grease build up. You should always pour your post-cooking grease into a container and not down the drain. 


In addition, bathroom sinks and showers are easily clogged by hair. Be careful of any hair being flushed down the drain as hairballs are one of the chief causes of clogs! Don’t believe us? Just check out this monster that was terrorizing a local families drain! A drain strainer is an inexpensive part you can find at your local hardware store. It’s easy to install and and prevent a broken heart on Valentine’s Day.


Pay attention to smelly drains 

Although you make sure your bathroom is clean and fresh, you can’t scrub away smells from down the drain.  When you have bad odors coming from your sinks, it’s time to call your local Andover CT plumber. A sewer smell could mean a backed up or overflowing septic tank. A rotten odor may mean that there is a smaller clog further down the drain. These clogs can be caused by food waste plugging up the drain line. 



Know where your septic tank is

It’s important to know where the septic tank is in your yard. Additionally, it’s good to know where the main drain is located. If you see pooling water around the tank, you should act quickly. Ignoring this sign could lead to major sewage back up in your home. Pooling water and wet ground around the main drain or septic tank can indicate the following issues:

  • Roots have broken the pipe and started to plug the flow to your septic tank;
  • A clog from the house has made its way down the drain and needs to be snaked or;
  • The tank may be overflowing and it may need to be pumped.


Your local Andover CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC has provided same-day plumbing services to the Andover CT area for 30 years. If your drains have sluggish and back up all the time, and when plunging or chemical cleaner isn’t working, give us a call. We offer camera drain service in order to see the condition of your drain. This puts an end to the guessing game and we can provide a CLEAR solution. Not only are our methods clear, our pricing is too! We provide written, upfront pricing BEFORE any work starts. No surprises at the end of the job.

Bonus: No sleeping on the couch tonight!

Call 860-228-1036 for professional drain cleaning services and save with our special Valentine’s Day savings!