4 Common Toilet Problems

A toilet can be found in every Columbia CT home, apartment or business. It may be round or elongated in shape. It may be white, bisque or almond in color. It may be a standard height or comfort height.

No matter the style of your toilet, it needs to operate properly! We’ll go over 4 of the most common toilet problems and what you can do to fix them.

Problem #1: Leaking

toilet-installation-tiled-bathroom-floor-bath-remodel-columbia-ctIf you notice that your water bill is a bit higher, or that your well pump is running more often than usual, you may have a leaking toilet. An easy, cheap way to test for this uses food coloring. Squeeze 6-8 drops of coloring into the TANK of your toilet. Wait about 30 minutes, then look into the BOWL. If you see any color, then you’ve got a leak. Try replacing the flapper or fill valve to fix the problem.

Problem #2: Rocking

A rocking toilet is caused by a different type of leak. A toilet needs a secure, tight connection to your floor and the drain. If there was an improper installation, water might be leaking into your subflooring. Over time, the water will rot the wood and your toilet will rock. Another cause of a rocking toilet is a rotted flange. A flange is what connects your toilet to the sewage pipe. You can pull your toilet to troubleshoot and repair the issue. You can also call your local plumber to get it done faster.

Problem #3: Clogs

Certain medications can have undesirable side effects. A child may use more than enough toilet paper. Whatever the case, at some point in life, you’ll wind up with a clogged toilet. If you reach for a plunger, make sure you grab the right one. A “cup” plunger should be used for sink clogs. A “flange” plunger works best for a clogged toilet.


When the plunger doesn’t work, it’s a sign that a professional needs to be called in. There may be a clog further down the pipe that needs to be snaked. The toilet will need to be pulled and reset after the clog is cleared. Our plumbers have snaked out items such as rubber duckies and dentures!

Problem #4: “Ghost” flushing

Also known as “phantom flushing,” a toilet that repeatedly flushes on its own is caused by a bad flapper. The flapper is found inside your toilet tank. It’s the flat rubber piece at the bottom that opens and closes each time you flush. Over time, minerals in the water will break down the rubber, and the connection becomes loose. Also, those toilet cleaner tabs are pure chemicals that will also eat away at the rubber flapper. Replace the toilet flapper to stop ghost flushing.

Your local Columbia CT plumber for toilet repairs

After you’ve tried all the tips above, your toilet should be running smoothly again. If the problem persists, it’s time to call the plumber. Rapid Service LLC is your local plumber. We are also your 24/7 emergency plumber. Call 860-228-1036 or fill in our Contact Us form to schedule service. We share more plumbing tips, photos of our work and more fun on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


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