4 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Is it time to upgrade your electrical panel?

Do you know what dangers to be on the lookout for in your electrical panel? You may call it a fusemouse found in electrical panel manchester ct electrician panel, circuit box or breaker box. If you still have fuses, you have a very old electrical system. If you have breakers, your system may be newer but show signs of aging. Your local Storrs CT electrician has some tips on what to look for to help you decide if it’s time for a panel upgrade.

Water damage

When you open the door to your electrical panel, you should see nice clean metal and breakers. You should NOT see rust or puddles of water. This means that water is getting in somewhere and creating a major fire hazard. Make it a habit to check inside your panel periodically. A good time to do so is when you change your smoke detector batteries or furnace filter. This safety check is especially important in older homes. Call your local electrician if you find water or rust.

Mouse droppings

Those cute little field mice can do SO much damage. During the cold Storrs CT winters, they squeeze into small cracks in basement windows, foundations and doors. They look for nice warm places to nest. Electrical wires are the perfect spot! They taste pretty good too! If you open your breaker door and see rodent droppings, schedule an electrician to do a safety check. The mice could be eating away at your wires. This is a fire hazard. You may notice flickering lights or outlets that suddenly stop working.

Damaged wiring

We’ve been to many Storrs CT homes for electrical problems caused by damaged wires in the panel. If you see burn marks or notice a ‘hot’ smell, it’s time to upgrade your electrical system. Circuits are easily overloaded with the increase of today’s electrical gadgets. Many homes weren’t originally wired for so much usage. Lightning storms can also damage your system. Your local professional electrician will meet with you to discuss how much electricity your family needs and plan the correct electrical panel upgrade with you.

Old age

Do you know how old your electrical system is? Was it in place long before you purchased your home? Have there been great-grand babies born since you last upgraded it? Do you have knob & tube wiring? A properly maintained electrical panel has a lifespan of about 20 years. Wire can become brittle with age. Demands change over the years. Safety measures and codes change as well. If your panel is over-the-hill, an electrical panel upgrade is the proactive solution to avoid emergency repair.

electrical panel upgrade storrs ct electricianYour local Storrs CT electrician

Rapid Service LLC is a professional local electrician. An electrical panel upgrade is just one of the many full-service installations we provide. If you have even the tiniest concern, please give our office a call. We take electrical concerns very seriously. Our office will schedule one of our electrician technicians for a service call. During that visit, we encourage you to ask any and all questions. That will help us complete a thorough walk-through to provide you with solutions and all your options. We’ve been keeping Storrs CT families safe with quality electrical installations and repairs for 30 years!

Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule a service call if you’ve found any of the above signs.