4 Ways to Fix Low Water Pressure


How to fix low water pressure

Low water pressure is annoying. You can’t rinse the shampoo out of your hair. It takes forever to rinse the dishes. Whether you have well or city water, you can wind up with low water pressure for a few different reasons. Your local Storrs CT plumber has some fixes for the four most common causes.

Fix a leak

A significant leak will lower the water pressure in your home. If you’re on city water, it will also dramatically increase your bill. Some leaks are easy to find. You see water pooling in your basement from a drippy pipe or around your boiler. A wet ceiling is another sign. Some leaks are a bit trickier. A toilet could be leaking into your floor because of a bad wax gasket. Because the water is under the floor, you won’t see a leak right away. A corroded toilet tank bolt can also cause a leak. If you’ve found the culprit, but can’t fix it, give your Storrs CT plumber a call.

Clean your faucet

If you’re only getting low water pressure in one faucet, take a closer look at it. The aerator may need to be cleaned. An aerator is a small screen that acts as a filter and keeps splashing under control. Sometimes, it gets clogged up with mineral deposits. Remove and soak it in vinegar for a couple hours. Soak it longer for more stubborn deposits. Your water pressure should return to normal after you put it back on.


Replace your pipes

A lot of the older homes in Storrs CT have galvanized pipes. Over the years, corrosion and buildup can restrict water flow. It can be an expensive plumbing repair, but replacing your old pipes could be the best way to fix low water pressure. If you try to repair or replace a small section of piping just to get by, the rest of the pipe can crumble. You’ll be in a worse place than just bad pressure!

Change your showerhead

How old is your showerhead – 30 years? Old plumbing fixtures weren’t made to keep up with the demands of what we need today. Maybe you upgraded to a new water-saving type but it’s a little TOO restrictive. There’s a ton of options out there. Any Rapid Service plumber can help you choose a new showerhead that does what YOU need it to do. There’s even high-pressure options!


Your local Storrs CT plumber

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