5 Plumbing Tips for Your Super Bowl Party

Are you ready for some football?!?!

Football, friends, family, and FOOD. What else could you need for the Big Game? Maybe some drinks of choice but definitely NOT a plumbing emergency! Your local Marlborough CT plumber has some Super Bowl party plumbing tips to avoid missing any of the game.


Tip #1 – Don’t overload your disposal

After Thanksgiving, the Super Bowl is our 2nd biggest day spent preparing and eating food. Appetizers like wings, sliders, and bean dips are fan favorites. These recipes include bones, grease, and fiber. None of those items is good for your garbage disposal! Avoid a jammed or clogged disposal by throwing all leftovers into the garbage. Keep the trash can visible so guests can find it. Scatter a few extra inexpensive trash bins around your home for more insurance that you won’t wind up with a plumbing emergency!

Tip #2 – Remove clutter around your toilet

Decorations and toiletries can accidentally get knocked into the toilet. A guest eager to get back to the game may not notice and flush. The toilet can clog, leaving your guests in a spot where they may have to leave in the middle of the game. Or, the toilet can overflow, leaving you to deal with it and miss the play of the season. Remove all clutter to prevent a plumbing emergency.


Tip #3 – Test your plumbing fixtures

A day or two before your Super Bowl party, run all your sink faucets. Look for any leaks above or below the counters. Is the water pressure okay? Is the water hot enough? Flush all the toilets. Is everything flushing well? Do you see any water on the floor? By taking a little time BEFORE your party to test things, you can avoid a plumbing emergency in the middle of it. Since these big “food holidays” are a plumber’s busiest days, it’s best to get any repairs taken care of before the main event.

Tip #4 – Know where your emergency shut-off is

In case of an overflowing toilet or burst water heater, you can keep damage to a minimum by knowing where your emergency water shut-off is. You may have several shut-offs, each located by the water source. For example, each toilet and faucet should have one. The whole house shut-off provides peace of mind by turning off ALL the water in your home until a plumber arrives to make a repair.


Tip #5 – Step away from the chemicals

Despite your best preparations, accidents happen. If you wind up with a clogged drain, do NOT use chemical drain cleaners. They rarely work, especially if an item is stuck or if you have old plumbing. The chemicals can damage old piping and create an expensive mess. The fumes can also be harmful for the football fans in your home. If you need to call a plumber, drain cleaner can cause injury during the repair.

Your local Marlborough CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides emergency repairs for any plumbing flags! The only thing you should be doing on Super Sunday is making a delicious spread and cheering on the Patriots. You can give our office a call 24/7 to speak to a customer service rep: 860-228-1036.