5 Tips for a Healthy Septic System

The basics

Septic systems are common in Lebanon CT. If water is used in your home, it all drains into your septic tank. For example, your toilet, washing machine, sinks, and shower all dump into it. Once everything reaches the tank, the filtering process begins. Solid waste sinks to the bottom, and oils and chemicals rise to the top. This is an important process because clean water needs to be absorbed into the ground.

If the system fails, it’s serious health risk to you and your community. If wastewater and groundwater mix, they can cause diseases such as dysentery and hepatitis. Replacing a septic system is extremely expensive.

Your Lebanon CT plumber has some tips to keep your septic system, family, AND wallet healthy.


Tips for a healthy septic system

  • Do NOT flush wipes. Toilet paper is the only thing safe to flush. Despite what the packaging says, wipes aren’t “flushable.” They don’t break down. They can also clog up the pipe that leads into your tank. A clog will cause sewage to back up into your tub or toilet.
  • Avoid chemicals. Household chemicals, such as liquid plumber or bleach, kill the helpful bacteria in your septic tank. An enzyme cleaner is a safer choice.
  • Schedule annual clean-outs. A garbage disposal increases the amount of waste in the tank. By having it pumped out each year, you can prevent an emergency plumbing bill.
  • Keep the area clear. Avoid parking cars or planting trees near your septic system. Heavy weight can compact the soil and crush the pipes below. Roots can crack the pipes and clog the system.
  • Invest in water-saving fixtures. The system can only handle so much water. Avoid backup and flooding with WaterSense labeled toilets, showerheads, and faucets.


Your local Lebanon CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides septic system service in Lebanon and its surrounding towns. Have you noticed muddy soil around the tank? How about a sewage smell or bright green patches in the lawn? Are your drains making bubbling noises or backing up? Those are all signs that your system needs some attention. Call our office today today to schedule service: 860-228-1036.

Please note: We do NOT offer pump-out service. We recommend calling Hop River Septic Tank Service if you need your tank pumped out.