Advice from a Plumber: Fix It or Replace It?

Toilet problems

Your local Storrs CT plumber is all about saving money. When you call us because your toilet is clogged or you notice water around it, we’ll first look at what we can do to fix it. Most of the time, we’re out of your hair in a few hours. Sometimes, the problem is beyond a simple fix. Other times, the best and least expensive option in the long run is to replace it.


Fix it or replace it?

When a Rapid Service plumber technician troubleshoots your toilet, he’ll give you several options. These recommendations will be based on your specific situation. We strive to provide the best solutions for our customers, while providing quality toilet repairs and service at a reasonable cost.

Some of the most common toilet problems we hear about include: leaking, wobbly, clogged, running, and poor flushing. Some of these are more serious than others. A leaking toilet can ruin your bathroom floor. A wobbly toilet is a dangerous fall hazard.

  • FIX IT: Running toilet? The flapper in it might be worn out. A toilet flapper is made out of rubber and is located inside the tank. Minerals in your water eat away at the rubber over time. This loosens the seal and allows water to pass through. That’s what creates the “running” that you hear. Try replacing the flapper to solve a running toilet problem.
  • REPLACE IT: Cracks or scratches in the tank or bowl are signs that it’s time to replace your toilet. Water will continue to put stress on the fractures and create a mess. Another sign that it’s time to replace your toilet is if you’re constantly dealing with clogs.


Your local Storrs CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC offers full service plumbing repairs in Storrs CT. If a repair isn’t possible, we also offer plumbing installations. In addition to taking care of your toilet, water heater, well pump, well tank, faucet, and shower repairs are offered by our skilled plumber professionals.

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