Avoid Thanksgiving Plumbing Problems

Avoid holiday plumbing disasters

The week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times of the year for plumbers. We receive a lot of plumbing calls for clogged sinks and plugged toilets.

Why? This blog post will take a look at the three most common culprits of Thanksgiving plumbing problems and how you can avoid them.

Problem #1 – Dumping food scraps down drains


Fun Thanksgiving appetizer for the kids!

All the preparations for that yummy feast mean food scraps. You wind up with piles of potato skins, carrot peels and turkey giblets. You’re tired after all that washing, peeling, cutting and cooking. And the sink is right there….or hey, the toilet – just dump it all in and flush away!


The plumbing in your  home is not built to carry large food particles. Grease builds up over time and eventually the pipes will completely clog. Sinks won’t drain and toilets will overflow. Garbage disposals will burn out or clog. Who wants to deal with that embarrassment while guests are visiting?! To avoid the headache, please dump ALL food scraps into the garbage. Dump grease into a container, let it cool and discard into the trash can as well.

Problem #2 – Knocking foreign objects into drains

Entertaining during the holidays is joyous if you’ve prepped ahead of time. Be sure that there is plenty of toilet paper available to guests and that it’s not hidden away. A wicker basket is a simple and attractive solution. As much as you may love your bathroom decor around your sink or toilet, tuck those items away. A guest unfamiliar with the bathroom set up may accidentally knock something into the drain. Also make sure a wastebasket is available and within easy reach for the disposal of feminine products.

Problem #3 – Providing “flushable” wipes

As hosts and hostesses, we want our guests to feel at home. We want them to remember the Thanksgiving meal, but we also want them to remember how welcomed they felt. Craft soaps and specialty lotions make your guests feel special. But please do NOT provide any sort of “flushable” wipes. They do not break down, as suggested on the packaging, and will create a plumbing nightmare down the road.

Your local plumber to the rescue!

happy-thanksgiving-from-your-local-plumber-rapid-service-columbia-ctDon’t worry if the unexpected happens despite your preparations. Your local, professional plumber is available to clear clogged drains and plugged toilets. You can schedule service by calling our office: 860-228-1036. We wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving. We also wish to give thanks to all of our Connecticut customers. Thank you for inviting us into your homes and allowing us to be of plumbing service for the last 30 years.