Avoid Water Heater Leaks in Winter

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Leaking water heater in Mansfield CT that we had to replace

We’ve blogged, tweeted and facebooked the proverbial horse when it comes to avoiding frozen pipes in the winter. Another piece of plumbing equipment you need to keep an eye during winter on is your water heater. Whether it’s a gas, oil or electric water heater, winter can do a number on it. Constant dips and thaws throughout our brutal CT winters put stress on the the metals. All that contracting and relaxing can create cracks. If you have an older unit, winter is usually the time it will leak or burst.

To avoid water heater leaks, we have a few suggestions.

Water heater maintenance

To avoid an unexpected expense, we recommend having your water heater serviced every 2-3 years. Most of the time, we receive calls when it’s too late and the basement is flooded. By having it checked out every few years, our plumbers can check for any corroded valves, cracking or failing safety features. If you’re getting rust in your water, it’s a sign that corrosion is happening. The sacrificial anode rod will be checked and that can prevent water heater leaks. If you have hard water, you may need to have your heater checked each year.

Prevent damage from water heater leaks

In addition to having your water heater checked regularly, we have a couple other suggestions to prevent damage. One of our plumbers can install a drip pan under the unit. This way, if it does begin to leak, the water can be contained before damage can


Leaky water heater we replaced in Willington CT

be done or a larger mess created. We can also install a water alarm. There are simple alarms that go off, similar to a smoke detector, when it senses water. More advanced water alarms can actually kick the water shut-off valve to the ‘off’ position. Recently, “smart” water alarms have been created that can send you a text message if a leak is detected. Any of our plumbers can help you choose the water alarm that’s right for your home and install it.

You can call 860-228-1036 to schedule a water heater check with any one of our professional plumbers. We look forward to hearing from you…and saving you the headache of a messy expense!