Bath Remodel in Windham CT

From plumbing repair….

A Windham CT customer called us to admit he’d dumped soup down his bathroom sink. Now, he said it wouldn’t drain. A lot of the homes in this area are very old and have outdated plumbing fixtures. Our plumbing technician did some drain repiping in the cellar to fix the issues. Snaking the drain wouldn’t have helped because the pipes were so old and deteriorated. The job also required digging out from the home’s foundation to the septic tank to replace the septic line.

…to bath remodel

While talking with our tech, the homeowner pointed out other issues he was experiencing with that same bathroom. The old faucet fixtures and toilet had been leaking for some time. This led to floor damage and corroded faucets. He went over some ideas for his vision of a small bath remodel, and our technician came up with solutions to match his budget. Here are some photos of what the bathroom looked like before we did any replacements:

leak, leaking, faucet, tub, leaky toilet, water damage, toilet, sink, bath remodel

“Before” photo of floor damage and fixture corrosion due to water leaking

Over a couple of days, the bath remodel transformation took place. The floor was repaired and new flooring was laid down with new corner molding installation. The leaking toilet was replaced on a repaired flange to be sure the toilet would sit level. A new vanity & top were installed with a new two-handle faucet fixture. Check out the “after” photo below – what a difference!!

toilet, sink, vanity, floor, replacement, repair, water damage, bath remodel

“After” photo – bath remodel in Windham CT

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