Troubleshooting Tips: Boiler Issues

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Boiler issues in Eastern Connecticut can plague us this time of year. It’s a running joke that you never know what kind of weather you’re going to wake up to in New England. Or even if it’ll stay the same throughout the day! It may be 50 degrees & sunshine when you sip your coffee, then 20 degrees, blustery & windy when you leave the office. Boiler issues become common during the winter months. We hope this blog helps  you narrow down problems you’re experiencing so you can warm up quickly!

Quick boiler troubleshooting tips

Not all boiler issues are complicated or expensive to fix. Here are a few quick things to check before you call your local heating technician:

boiler issues in mansfield CT. Had to replace boiler, indirect water heater and expansion tank.

  • Power source – Check your electrical panel to see if there’s a tripped breaker. Reset the breaker to see if the boiler issues resolve.
  • Fuel source – Our days are filled to the max and calling the gas or oil company may have slipped your mind. Is there enough fuel? Also, when there are deep freezes, your boiler may be running more than you anticipated. If you’re on an auto-delivery plan, keep an eye on the gauge during forecasted deep freeze times.
  • Thermostats – Are they working properly? Did you try to replace any of the batteries? You can also try to turn the heat up a few degrees to see how the boiler responds.
  • Reset button – Some boiler issues can be resolved with just the push of a button. No, really! Locate the ‘reset’ button on your boiler – it’s usually red. Like all things mechanical, boilers can have a ‘hiccup.’ Pressing the reset button can help. However, if the boiler shuts down moments after you’ve reset it, or you’ve had to press it multiple times, you will need to contact your oil/gas company or your local heating technician. You may need oil burner service.
  • Annual cleaning – Did you have your boiler serviced this year? Since boilers are a staple in the heating season, we recommend annual service. Your oil or gas company will clean the boiler and service the oil burner. We can service the water side of your boiler, including the pipes, valves and pumps to avoid boiler issues.

Boiler issues that require a professional


If you’ve gone down the above list and your boiler issues haven’t been fixed, it’s time to call a professional. Here are some things that they are qualified to check and fix:

  • Air & water pressure issues – Boilers need a careful balance of air and water. There may be an issue with a pressure relief valve or with the expansion tank. A licensed plumber is trained to troubleshoot the issue and make a safe repair.
  • Leaks – A series of valves, pipes, and pumps work together to heat your water and circulate it throughout your home. The aging process can take its toll and you will begin to see leaks on or around your boiler. If your boiler system is fairly new, you may have ‘hard water’ and the minerals are corroding the pipes and valves.
  • Partial heat – If some of your rooms are getting heat, but others are stone cold, there may be air in the lines that needs to be purged. If you’ve heard banging or clanging, those are tell-tale signs that you have air in your heating lines.
  • Replacement – The typical lifespan of a boiler is 20 years. If you’ve been experiencing boiler issues on a unit 20 years old or older, it’s time to begin research to replace it. Our heating technicians can help you decide what unit is best for the needs of your home. They can also explain all the changes in technology that makes newer boilers more efficient. That means more money in your pocket and less stress!


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