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Quick Tip: Heating Season Safety

This quick tip comes from our friends at the Electrical Safety Foundation. Each year, there are a few things you should do to prepare your home for the brutal Eastern CT winter. To prevent potentially deadly carbon monoxide leaks, make sure your furnace/boiler and water heater are inspected by a PROFESSIONAL heating contractor. Be sure […]



When Should My Boiler Be Replaced?

Gas or oil boilers have an expected life time that spans about 12-25 years, depending on the type of system. This is attainable IF you keep up with regular maintenance, as suggested by the manufacturer. It includes annual cleanings and burner service. Maintenance is one more expense to add to the heating season bills, but […]

A Comparison between Tankless and Traditional Water Heaters

When you consider installing a water heater in your home, you should consider whether you should go with a traditional tank system or with a tankless system.  Both have certain upsides that you should know before making your decision.  Ultimately you should go with the type of Manchester water heater that will best fulfill your […]

Troubleshooting Tips: Boiler Issues

Boiler issues in Eastern Connecticut can plague us this time of year. It’s a running joke that you never know what kind of weather you’re going to wake up to in New England. Or even if it’ll stay the same throughout the day! It may be 50 degrees & sunshine when you sip your coffee, […]

Space Heater Safety Tips

Space heaters can be fire hazards Space heater safety needs to be at the top of everyone’s minds. Each winter, we see the horrible headlines of families displaced due to a fire. They can be so easily prevented. Space heaters are often used during the coldest days of the year, to provide that extra burst […]

Boiler Maintenance Tip

Boiler maintenance saves money Boiler maintenance truly does pay off. While it is one more thing to add to your ever-growing-never-quite-finished to-do list, it will save a lot of heart ache. And money! Heating season is in full swing. We recommend establishing a relationship with a local oil company. They will offer service contracts that […]

Boiler vs. Furnace

The terms “boiler” and “furnace” are often used interchangeably.  They both heat homes and both are large pieces of equipment usually found in a basement. Both boilers & furnaces can be powered by gas or oil. Both can be expensive to maintain and each stands an equal chance of malfunctioning in their lifetimes. Tomato – […]

Protect Pipes to Prepare for Winter

Heating season will be here before we know it! Although this weekend’s forecast is calling for temps in the 80’s, winter is just around the corner. We’ve had enough cool autumn mornings to remind us how chilly it’s going to be. Get prepared Last winter season, we had a TON of calls reporting frozen pipes […]


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