Cheap & Easy Way to Unclog Drains?

We came across an article that promises the “easiest, cheapest and non-toxic” way to unclog a drain.

Understanding that the economy has hit hard, we know that people are looking for ways to fix things on their own. But we’ve also been dealing with a flood of calls [no pun intended!] resulting from “DIY” efforts that didn’t exactly work out. This means that any savings that were to be gained are gone. There has already been materials purchased and time spent, only to have to call us in the end, resulting in another unexpected expense.

The article states that you need items such an a wine cork, electrical tape, a long garden hose, a towel and another person.

Is it worth it?

Is it worth it?

We do appreciate the MacGyver-esque approach – but what if you don’t have another person to help? And doesn’t it seem silly that you need everything but the kitchen sink…to, well, fix the kitchen sink?

Again, we absolutely understand that times are tight for everyone. Which is why we provide quotes upfront, before any work is started. It’s also why we keep our trucks fully stocked with the proper tools for the job. And why we have plumbers, electricians AND carpenters on our roster. This combination means we have shared knowledge and years of experience to coordinate the proper repairs…the FIRST time and in LESS time.

While we are always available 24/7 for any plumbing, electrical, heating or carpentry repairs, we’d love to save you the frustration AND money in the first place! We even have a coupon for the budget-conscious folks out there.