Checklist for Spring Home Maintenance

Robert H. Schuller said it best: “Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.”

Hello Spring!

It’s finally here! NOW you can make all those major decisions when it comes to your home. You’ve spent the winter pinning away ideas on Pinterest for your bath remodel project. You’ve scoured design magazines for inspiration. You’ve been counting down the days until you could get started. There’s no snow to plan around and more daylight to work with. Spring is the perfect time to put your plans into action.

Before you begin

But wait! I know, I know, you were all ready to run out and buy paint and new plumbing fixtures. Before you tackle your upgrades, make sure the “meat and potatoes” of your home have survived the winter season. Nothing is worse than completing a renovation, and having a sump pump fail or the water heater burst. Ruining all your hard work is one thing. The additional repair bills are just insult to injury when you’ve just exhausted your budget.

Spring home maintenance checklist

We’ve put together a short list of some of the important things to check in your home:

  • Sump pump: We recommend testing your current sump pump for operation. Also check on the age of the pump. Time passes quicker than we like to think. Sump pumps usually have a lifespan of 5-7 years, if properly maintained. If you’ve had flooding issues with heavy rains in the past, installing a sump pump is the solution. It costs much less to have a sump pump installed than it does to rent pumps, dry vacs, fans, a water mediation company and replacing everything in your basement. Protect your finished basement remodel, as well as precious  memories like photographs, that may be stored down there.
  • Water heater: The typical lifespan of a gas or electric water heater is 10-12 years. To get the longest life from your heater, we recommend maintenance every 2-3 years. Having your water heater serviced includes flushing out the sediment that collects on the bottom and checking the sacrificial anode rod inside. If it’s not routinely serviced, you not only void any warranties, but you run the risk of the water heater leaking or bursting, which creates a costly mess.

Leaking water heater & its replacement in Coventry CT

  • Outside faucets: The sudden cold snaps and rapid thaws we had this past winter were brutal on plumbing systems. We’ve had a lot of calls for leaks in basements and garages. These were caused by burst outside faucet pipes. You won’t know the pipe split until you go to water your gardens, wash the car, or bath the dog this Spring. Test your outside faucet to check for leaks before you begin your outside chores. If the pipe is split, now’s a good time to replace it. We recommend a frost-free outside faucet. Not only will it be functional for your outdoor needs, but you won’t have to worry about another burst pipe next winter.
  • Electrical system: Mice LOVE electrical systems. During the cold season,wire-damage-from-mouse-storrs-ct-electrical-home-maintenance-checklist they flatten their bodies to fit through even the tiniest crevices to find heat sources. One of their favorite nesting places is within your home’s electrical system. The electricity running through the wires creates a warmth they can’t resist. Unfortunately, they also can’t resist chewing through the wires. This can not only knock out the power to your home but is a fire hazard. Check your wiring and outlets for any signs of burn marks. Check your electrical panel for signs of droppings and debris. If you happen to see rust or water in your panel, that’s another issue that needs to be addressed ASAP by a licensed professional electrician.

Your local home services team

Rapid Service LLC has trained, professional plumbers, electricians and heating technicians available check off any of the items on your springtime home maintenance list. We’ve been providing full home repair services and installations for almost 30 years to Eastern Connecticut homeowners. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule an outside faucet repair, a sump pump installation, water heater maintenance or electrical system check.