Columbia CT Plumber: Back-to-School Plumbing Tips

We know, we know – summer went by TOO quickly!! Many Eastern CT students are back to school this week. Your Columbia CT plumber wants to help make it a smooth transition. We’re sure you bought everything on the school supply list. Is your plumbing system ready too? Here are some quick plumbing tips to make your life a little less hectic.

Water heater


A leaking water heater we had to replace in Columbia CT

When was the last time you had the water heater checked? During the school year, you use the most hot water in the morning. There are usually multiple showers, lunch prep, dishes, hand washing, and tooth brushing. Sometimes, there’s even the quick laundry load for that favorite shirt or uniform that was forgotten about the night before. That’s expecting a lot of hot water in a short amount of time each day.

Don’t run out of hot water unexpectedly! A water heater is only meant to last about 8-10 years. That lifespan depends on if you have regular maintenance done on your hot water heater. If it hasn’t been checked out since it was installed, you’ll face leaks and possible water damage in the future. The LAST thing you want to deal with, on top of new back-to-school schedules, is a burst water heater! Call your local Columbia CT plumber to schedule a maintenance check.


The rush to get everyone ready and out the door can be hectic some mornings. Sometimes, accidents happen. Here are some tips to protect your drains from getting clogged or backed up:

  • Toilet: Do NOT flush any sort of wipes, despite what the packaging says. Don’t keep decorations on the back of the toilet tank. They can be accidentally knocked into the bowl, flushed, and cause a clogged toilet.
  • Shower: Install a screen on your shower drain. This will catch hair and will prevent a clogged drain. If you still wind up with a clog, step away from the chemical drain cleaner. They do more harm to your pipes (and wallet) than good. Use a vinegar & baking soda solution, BioClean or call your local Columbia CT plumber.
  • Garbage Disposal: Whether you do weekly meal-prep or make lunches each morning, your disposal will be put to work. Throw things like  bones, rinds, grease, coffee grinds and egg shells into the garbage, NOT your disposal. These items can damage or burn out your garbage disposal.

Washing Machine

Do you know what tops the list of homeowner insurance claims? No, it’s not fire or theft or storm damage. It’s water damage. And we aren’t talking washing-machine-hose-plumbing-emergency-columbia-ct-plumber-tipabout flood damage. No, we mean water damage from plumbing fixtures, like your washing machine. According to PEMCO Insurance,

“…four in 10 homeowners don’t bother to check a washing machine’s water hose lines and, chances are, sooner or later, those lines will fail.

‘As certain as night follows day, the hose that connects the washing machine to the water source will fail….It’s simply a matter of time before it (hose line) fails, and when it does, it’s usually expensive,’ said Osterberg.

If the always-on water line to the washing machine goes when no one is home, water will leak or flow until someone arrives.

The loads of laundry that multiple during the school season are bad enough. Avoid a plumbing emergency by checking your washing machine hose.

Your local Columbia CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC is your local emergency plumber. We also service the surrounding towns including: Andover, Coventry, Hebron, Mansfield, Willimantic, and Storrs. If the back-to-school craziness gets to be too much and you can’t add one more thing to the checklist, give us a call. We’ll perform a free walkthrough of your plumbing system to let you know about any possible repairs BEFORE they become emergencies! Call 860-228-1036 today.