Columbia CT Plumber Installs Grab Bar

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Bath tub frustration

The best part of having a Rapid Service plumber visit your home is that he LISTENS. Once you explain what the problem is, he’ll follow up with thoughtful questions. This is so he can get down to the root of the problem and fix it correctly, not just put on a band-aid.

One day, one of our Columbia CT homeowners called us. She was frustrated and thought she needed a new shower set-up. Her frustration came from not being able to get in and out of the tub easily. She recently had surgery and arthritis was settling in. However, she knew she was going to have to dip into her funds quite a bit for this conversion. Her frustration doubled.

Once he arrived at her home, our plumber listened with the respect needed for this situation. The aging process isn’t easy. Things that once came easily slowly become harder. Things we loved in our home need to be configured differently. We understand 100%.

This is what we did.

Grab bar installation

columbia-ct-plumber-grab-bar-installation-ada-handicapped-aging-elderly-bathroom-safetyAfter all of her concerns were out on the table, our plumber provided options. He suggested a grab bar in the bathroom. This way, she didn’t have to replace her tub with a walk-in shower. It was a much lower cost to plan for than she was anticipating and an option she hadn’t thought of. A grab bar addition to her tub will provide her years of comfort and security.

This solution allows her far more time to plan for the eventual tub replacement. She understands that it will be needed in the future to keep her safe. But now, she doesn’t feel like the choice is out of our hands.

This is what a Rapid Service plumber does. He makes sense of the chaos you’re facing to put the control back in your hands. You’ll never feel pressured to make a decision. Whether your water heater burst or you have no water, he’ll take the time to calmly explain your options in a way that you understand – no fancy plumber talk!

Your local Columbia CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC offers full-service plumbing repairs and installations. We can clear a clogged toilet or replace it; repair a leaky faucet or completely remodel your bathroom. “Full-service” means that you’ll speak to a Rapid Service member from start to finish. You’ll speak with an office staff member when you have a problem, speak to her again when she calls with an ETA of the plumber, and you’ll speak to our plumber technician once he arrives at your home. If a different problem pops up in the middle of the night or a different day, you will find us and we’ll be there for you. We are a locally owned, small business and believe in SERVICE, not cheap pricing and workmanship.