Columbia CT Plumber Tips: Toilet Problems

Toilet troubleshooting tips

The toilet isn’t the most glamorous thing in your home. However, it’s something that gets used every day, multiple times a day. When it’s not working right, it’s a bummer to EVERYONE in your house. Your local Columbia CT plumber has some troubleshooting tips to get you back on the right track.

Problem: Overflowing

When a toilet overflows, there’s an obstruction in the drain. Try a hand snake or auger to clear the blockage. Sometimes, things get knocked into the toilet by accident, without you knowing. We’ve pulled out things like bath toys and dentures! If the hand snake doesn’t work, you might need to call in a plumber. A Rapid Service plumber may need to pull the toilet and use powered equipment to clear the clog.


Problem: High water bill or dry well

A higher than normal water bill is a sign that your toilet could be leaking. Or, if you have a well, you might be running out of water, especially during the summer months. An easy way to see if it’s leaking is by doing the ‘food coloring test.’ Put 6-8 drops of food coloring in the tank and wait 30 minutes. Check the bowl. If you see color, then you’ve found the culprit! The fill valve or flush valve may need to be replaced. No color? Call a plumber to find the hidden leak.


Problem: Water on the floor

There are a couple other places that a toilet can leak. The rubber gasket in between the tank and bowl could have rotted. Since the seal is no longer tight, water will run through it and onto your floor. Another cause of a leak could be a bad wax gasket. This gasket is found between the base of the toilet and the flange. The toilet will have to be pulled off the floor in order to make the repair. We STRONGLY recommend taking care of these leaks right away, so they don’t damage your bathroom floor.


Problem: Flushing on its own

If your toilet flushes by itself, it’s not haunted, don’t worry! Try replacing the flapper and see if it stops. The flapper is a rubber piece in the tank. It will break down over time due to the minerals in the water. It’s best to avoid using any chemicals or tablets in the tank, as those will cause parts to break down as well. It’s time to call your local Columbia CT plumber if replacing the flapper doesn’t work.


Your local Columbia CT plumber

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