Do You Have a Rocking Toilet?

What causes a rocking toilet

There are a few things that cause a rocking toilet. Aside from clogged toilets and ones that won’t flush, a rocking toilet is one of the common calls that we get.

One cause may be that there is a leak that has rotted the floor underneath. The water sits there and the wood starts to deteriorate. Now the floor is wobbly and uneven. Since the floor isn’t as stable as when the toilet was installed, that level connection isn’t as tight. The toilet will have to be pulled so that the floor can be examined. If the leak has gone unnoticed for a number of years, the sub flooring may be rotted straight through as well. In Columbia CT, one of our plumbing technicians pulled a rocking toilet. He could see straight through to the basement!

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Another cause for a rocking toilet may be that the bolts aren’t tight enough or installed properly. Be careful if you try to tighten them yourself. You could crack the toilet by mistake.

A broken or rotted flange also makes a toilet rock. The flange is located in the floor underneath your toilet. It connects the end of the sewage pipe to your toilet. A wax ring sits between the flange and your toilet and is what the toilet is bolted onto.

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In order to fix a rocking toilet, it must be pulled to fully troubleshoot the problem. We can be reached by calling 860-228-1036. For more tips, please Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter or Find us on Pinterest.


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