Electrical Panel: When You Should Upgrade

Electrical panels may need to be upgraded for a variety of reasons. This article will point out what to look for & safety hazards to consider.

When should I upgrade my electrical panel?

You should consider replacement if any of the following are true:

  • It is 20 years or older.
  • There has been weathering exposure.
  • There is brittle wiring.
  • There are increased household electricity needs.
  • There has been lightning or water damage.
  • There has been corrosion.
  • You have a FPE or Zinsco panel.
  • There was faulty installation.
  • Any noise, odor or heat was noticed.

A licensed electrician can inspect your electrical panel to ensure your safety. His training will allow for a SAFE and prompt diagnosis.

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Source: Nexstar Network

What is an FPE electrical panel?

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) was a  popular manufacturer of panels from 1950-1980. It is old equipment and manufactured to less stringent codes and standards than modern equipment. There have been documented manufacturing defects and circuit breaker failures. Its poor design makes the panels hard to inspect, which leads to accidental breaker tripping and overcrowding of wires.

What is a Zinsco electrical panel?

Like FPE panels, Zinsco panels are now obsolete. There has been documented operation failure. They can leave homeowners at risk to both fire and electrical shock. They also do not withstand increased energy demands. It may overheat and portions of it can melt.


The graphic below shows the costs associated with not replacing your panel:

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Source: Nexstar Network

Panel upgrades require an extensive knowledge of electrical systems, wiring and function. It is why we recommend that you have one of our licensed electricians perform your electrical upgrade. We are licensed professionals. We guarantee excellent craftsmanship. We make sure that all of the required electrical standards are completely met every time.