Electrical Service Change in Storrs CT

Since May is Electrical Safety Month, we’d like to take the chance to walk you through one of our electrical service change jobs.

Why an electrical service change?

An electrical service change can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Age, weather exposure and usage are some of the factors that should be examined.  One of our Storrs CT customers had an overloaded electrical panel. The electrical needs of his household had increased and his current 200 amp service needed to be replaced. This included replacing the panel and the outside riser. When the panel AND the outside riser are replaced, it is called an “electrical service change” vs. an “electrical panel change.”

electrical, panel, service, electrical service change

Main electrical panel in Storrs CT – “Before” replacement

meter, riser, weatherhead, electrical, service, upgrade, change, electrical service change

Outside meter riser & weather head – Storrs CT – “Before”


The Rapid Service process

Before any electrical work starts, the Rapid Service office staff contacts CL&P and completes the CRS. Next, our office contacts the homeowner’s town building official to prepare the appropriate permit paperwork for the job. Our customers don’t have to worry about doing any of the legwork.

electrical, panel, service, upgrade, change, electrical service change

Main electrical panels – Storrs CT – After

outside electrical service, meter rise, weatherhead, upgrade, electrical service change

Outside electrical service – Storrs CT – “After” upgrade


Now, our electrical technician is ready to return to the home within short order to complete the electrical service change. A 200 amp breaker panel and a 100 amp subpanel were installed. A grounding system with two ground rods and a whole house surge protection system were also installed. On the home’s exterior, a new meter main panel & a new riser to the CL&P wires were installed.

Our electrical technician marked the panel legend and returned it to the office. Our office then created an easy-to-read panel sticker for the customer to affix to the inside of the panel. Another phone call to the town was made to coordinate the inspection appointment with the town official, so it was yet another phone call the customer didn’t have to make. The town then contacts CL&P to close the job out once he has approved all the work.

Throughout the entire process, our customer only had to make ONE call, and that was to us! We took care of everything from start to finish.

If you aren’t sure if your electrical panel should be upgraded, we explain some of the signs here.