Electrical Update in Windham CT

overloaded-electrical-panel-before-replacement-update-windham-ctAn electrical update in Windham CT was desperately needed. The electrical panel was outdated and overloaded. The outside electrical service was also outdated and weathered.

Signs you need an electrical update

An electrical system is considered outdated after 20 years or ifoutside-weathered-electrical-service-before-replacement-update-in-windham-ct your household’s needs have increased. Brittle wiring, rust and/or corrosion are signs of age and weather damage. A licensed, professional electrician should inspect the system. If you have a Federal Pacific or Zinsco electrical system, you should begin planning and budgeting an electrical update soon. Both of these systems are now obsolete and were not created with today’s standards and codes in mind. This YouTube video explains some of the dangers associated with a Federal Pacific electrical panel. The main concern with an FP panel is that is was poorly designed and is hard to inspect. The main concern with a Zinsco panel is that is cannot withstand increased energy demains. This YouTube video shows what can happen when a Zinsco breaker is overloaded. It did NOT trip and began to melt! Both of these electrical systems should be replaced ASAP.

What to expect during an electrical update

Electrical-update-panel-installation-windham-ctWhen you choose Rapid Service to complete an electrical service outside-electrical-service-update-installation-windham-ctchange, you won’t have to make any other calls. We take care of contacting the power company, completing the permit process, and scheduling the final inspection with your town. There is minimal interruption in your daily routine and you will have peace of mind that all work completed is up-to-code.

Electrican technician Chris completed a beautiful electrical update installation. A new panel and subpanel were installed to meet the demands of the Windham CT home. A new outside electrical service with a grounding system replaced the existing corroded one.