Emergency Drain Service Available

Be proactive

Your local Bolton CT plumber offers emergency drain cleaning service. Clogged, backed up, slow, sluggish, however you describe it, we clear it! Now is a good time to get a plumber out and clear the lines. The holidays are right around the corner. The last thing you need with a house full of guests or before leaving for vacation is a plumbing emergency!

It’s time for drain service when…

  • You’re showering and the water ends up at your knees.
  • You wash your hands and it takes forever for the bathroom sink to drain.
  • You’ve plunged the daylights out of your kitchen sink and the dirty water mocks you.
  • You’ve used bottles liquid plumber and the toilet still isn’t flushing.
  • You walked into your basement and found water backing up out of your washing machine pipe. THIS COULD SIGNAL A “MAIN DRAIN” CLOG AND NEEDS EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICE!


What causes drain problems?

A slow or backed up drain is caused by a few culprits. Rinsing food scraps and grease can clog up your kitchen sink. Hair, fur, and shampoo gunk up tub drains. Baby wipes and so-called “flushable” wipes create some nightmare clogs. They simply do NOT break down like their packaging suggests. We always tell people to throw them in the garbage, to avoid a plumbing emergency.

If you have a septic system, the inlet should be cleared as part of your septic maintenance. We had a Bolton CT homeowner call us because everything in his home was backing up. He told us that he’d just had their septic tank pumped but it didn’t solve anything. The problem? The septic tank inlet was completely clogged and impacted with toilet paper. A Rapid Service plumber worked long and hard to clear the clog. He’d get a brick of toilet paper loose and some water flowing. But then that water would be absorbed into the remaining toilet paper and expand again. By the end of the day, the drain was cleared and our customer had water flowing freely again.


Your local Bolton CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC offers emergency drain cleaning service and preventative drain service all year long. We’ve been providing plumbing service to Bolton CT homeowners for over 30 years. Not much surprises us anymore! Tools and technology have advanced to help us solve your plumbing problems even faster! Please call our office to schedule: 860-228-1036.