Emergency Well Pump Service Available

No water?

You don’t think about how much you actually use water until you don’t have it. If the well pump dies, you can’t bathe, wash your veggies, or get a drink of water. Stop and think about how many times you reach for the faucet. It’s a lot, huh? Time to call a local plumber for emergency well pump repair.

Helpful tip: When you call an emergency plumbing service, let them know if you have a “jet” pump or a “submersible” well pump. If you know the well depth, that’s helpful info as well. 


Well pump repair

A Storrs CT homeowner was having water pressure issues. It gradually decreased over a few days. Eventually, the water stopped. He gave us a call and explained the problem. One of our plumber technicians was dispatched the same day. Once he arrived at the home, he tested the equipment. The well pump was dead and needed to be replaced. The plumber quickly got to work, so that water could be restored by the end of the day.

The repair included raising the well casing, as well as replacing the well pipe and well wire. This was a little tricky because of all the boulders that we had to dig around. After the well pump was lowered into the well, the plumber installed a sanitary well cap. The dug holes were filled in and topsoil was raked out.

It was a long day, but by the end of it, our customer had water again!!

Your local Storrs CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides well pump repair and installation in Storrs CT and the surrounding towns. If you don’t have any water, please call your local emergency plumber right away! Someone is available 24/7 to help you and get your water back on ASAP. Call 860-228-1036.

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