Fall Plumbing and Electrical Maintenance Checklist

How many pumpkin spice coffees have you had so far this fall? Have you baked any apple crisp yet? Did your family make the trek to the local orchard?

There’s so much FUN to be had during the fall season in Windham CT. But don’t forget to get your home ready for the changing temps. Your plumbing system and electrical system need to be on that checklist too!

Plumbing checklist for Fall

windham-ct-plumber-fall-plumbing-tips  Leaks – Inspect your sink and tub faucets for leaks. Take a look around your basement for any puddles or moisture spots. Don’t forget to check the outside spigot as well.

 Outside hose – Remove your outside hose for the year to avoid a burst pipe during the first freeze. Last winter, we had SO many emergency plumbing repairs in Windham CT because of hoses that weren’t disconnected!

 Boiler – Beat the backlog! Schedule burner service and a cleaning for your boiler NOW! As it gets closer to heating season, heating companies get busy. Also, take around your boiler. Even the smallest plumbing leak can signal a big problem. It can also cause you to burn through more fuel than necessary. Schedule a plumber so you don’t get left in the cold!

Electrical checklist for Fall

 Cords – Inspect all the cords of your cold-weather equipment, such as leaf or snow blowers, for signs of wear and tear. Replace or repair before using them.

Decorations – It’s so much fun to transform your Windham CT home and yard for Halloween! Keep it safe by making sure all your electrical decorations are certified by an independent testing lab. You’ll see a certification by UL, CSA or ETL on the tag. Power cords should not be frayed, cracked or cut.

  Generator – Fall is prime time for hurricanes in Windham CT. Did you schedule your annual maintenance for it yet? Keep the area around your generator free of autumn leaves and sticks.

Your local Windham CT plumber and electrician

Rapid Service LLC employs a team of plumber, electrician, and office staff who all have families. We know how important it is to keep our families safe…and how little time in a day there is! Give our office a quick call to schedule a Fall Home Maintenance check: 860-228-1036. Our technicians know exactly what to check and can provide you peace of mind before leaving your home. That means more time to sip that coffee and enjoy some apple crisp!

Our service area includes Windham CT and surrounding towns such as: Storrs, Mansfield, Coventry, Andover, Columbia, Willimantic, Lebanon, Hebron, Vernon, and Bolton!