FAQ: Why Are My Faucets Turning Green?

Have you noticed that your faucets or other plumbing piping are turning green? It’s time to check your water quality. “Hard” water is usually to blame. It can be found in both city water and well water. We’ve found that Coventry CT has some particularly hard water conditions.

Protect your faucets

“Hard” water is created by excess minerals in the water. The minerals are corrosive and will eat away at the metal of your faucets. Eventually, they will eat right through and you’ll have a messy plumbing leak. Corrosion is usually a slow process that creates the slightest of leaks. If you notice a musty or moldy smell when you open your vanity cabinet, take a closer look. The corroded pipe might be leaking. If your faucets are constantly dripping and you notice green on them, it’s time to call a water specialist. Taking this step will also protect other major plumbing appliances in your home, like your dishwasher and washing machine.

Other signs you have “hard” water

In addition to the green mineral deposits, there are other ways to tell if you have this type of water:

  • Dull glassware or water spots?
  • Soap scum in the sinks and bath tub?
  • Funky smell in the water?


Your local Coventry CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC is your local Coventry CT water treatment specialist. A technician will take a water sample and have it analyzed. Based on the results and his expertise, a water treatment system will be recommended. Your options may include a filtration, softener, conditioner or UV system. Each of these treat different symptoms that are wrecking your home’s faucets and appliances. A treatment system costs FAR less than replacing your appliances or re-piping your home. Most don’t require much maintenance either. Please give our office a call to schedule your water sample test today: 860-228-1036. Have a different plumbing question? Post on our Facebook page! Each Wednesday, we answer a frequently asked question. Don’t forget to ‘like’ us while you’re there so you don’t miss our updates 🙂