Financing Options Available!

Your local Columbia CT plumber is thrilled to announce that we now have financing options available! Years ago, the company we used got rid of their program. Since then, we’ve looked high and low for comparable options. We were constantly disappointed with what we found. High interest rate plans or a process that included a forest of paperwork. If you’re already dealing with a plumbing emergency, you shouldn’t have to deal with a stressful, long loan application on top of it!

Enter GreenSky to the rescue.


GreenSky financing options

What you’ll like most about GreenSky? It’s FAST. When you have a dead well pump or burst hot water heater, you don’t have time to sit around waiting for a decision. Our plumbing technician will show you how to apply by phone, website or through the smartphone app. By the end of the about 15-minute application, you’ll know RIGHT THEN what plans you qualify for AND have funds available.

Your Columbia CT emergency plumber offers a few different plans to choose from. Homeowners have enjoyed the 6-months no payments and deferred interest plan. Another popular option provides a low, fixed interest rate with low monthly payments. We can also offer a standard 7-year fixed interest rate plan.

Who is GreenSky?

GreenSky, LLC (“GS”) is a third party service provider and program administrator to federally insured, federal and state chartered banks that provide consumer loans under the GreenSky® programs. GreenSky® helps businesses grow by giving them the ability to offer credit to their customers. GS works with bank partners to provide GreenSky® program loans to customers in our merchants, provider, and retailer networks nationwide. The GreenSky® Programs serve customers ranging from the world’s largest and most demanding businesses, to small and medium businesses, and consumers nationwide. SOURCE:


Your Columbia CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC is there for you when a plumbing disaster strikes. We’ve always taken pride in providing fast service and repairs. Now, we can take greater pride in providing even more for our customers with financing choices. Just as we take the time to explain your repair options and costs, we’ll take the time to go over what GreenSky has to offer. You get to take back control of the situation while we put the plumbing back together. For more information, please call our office: 860-228-1036. You can also find more answers HERE.