We Fix Winter Plumbing Problems

Along with plenty of snow, winter brings plenty of plumbing problems in Eastern CT. Our plumbing team has been busy repairing burst pipes, thawing frozen pipes, replacing malfunctioning boiler parts, and installing new boiler units.

Frozen pipes in Willimantic CT

One of our plumbers visited a Willimantic CT home because they had no heat or water. The reason? The pipes froze and then burst. Here’s a look at what had to be cut out and replaced:

Plumbing repair for burst pipe in Willimantic CT

Our plumber had to cut out this section of burst pipe to restore heat and water for one of our Willimantic CT customers.

To avoid this messy and expensive repair, we recommend keeping an eye on the daily forecast. If freezing temperatures are predicted, leave your faucet dripping. It doesn’t have to drip a lot, and not the hot water. Just a slight, cold water drip will help. Moving water is much harder to freeze. Also, if you have piping on outside walls of your home, open up cupboards to let the warmer air circulate. Any plumbing located in crawlspaces or attics should be insulated.

If you suspect that you have a frozen pipe, you should put a call into a plumber as soon as possible. During deep freezes, our schedules fill up QUICKLY and the sooner you call, the higher your chances of receiving the fastest service. You can try to SLOWLY warm the frozen pipe up with a hairdryer. Never use an open flame source!

Boiler installation in Vernon CT

Sometimes, a plumbing repair just can’t be completed due to the age and condition of the equipment. Our plumbers will always give you three options: “Fix it, replace it or leave it alone.” One of our Vernon CT customers made the choice to “replace it” when it came to her old gas boiler. Any repairs would have been just throwing money in the garbage as it was beyond saving. Our plumbing and heating team installed a new Crown natural gas boiler. All new wiring, components and piping were installed as part of the job. Here’s a ‘before’ and ‘after’ look at the installation:

Crown natural gas boiler installation vernon ct

Heat was restored within the day for our Vernon CT customer!

Boiler repair in Lebanon CT

If you wake up one morning and don’t have any heat, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be facing a huge repair bill. Over time, valves and pipes within a boiler system can corrode or fail. Hard water is extremely corrosive and can cause leaky pipes or valves. There may be a bad backflow preventer or safety relief valve. Any one of our plumbers can troubleshoot the reason you have no heat. A repair is usually done the same day and you’ll have the peace of mind that a professional made the repair. Here is one of our plumbers repairing a boiler in Lebanon CT:


Boiler repair in Lebanon CT by one of our plumbing professionals


A Rapid Service professional plumber completing a boiler repair in Lebanon CT

Our plumbing and heating staff is available 24/7 for emergency heating repairs. We are located in Columbia CT but offer plumbing repairs in many Eastern CT towns. Some of those towns include: Windham, Mansfield, Storrs, Hebron, Tolland, Coventry, Glastonbury, Manchester and Colchester. If you aren’t sure if we offer plumbing services in your town, just give us a call: 860-228-1036. We look forward to providing “Service When YOU Need It”!