Garbage Disposal: When Should I Replace It?

When should I replace my disposal?

Your garbage disposal is a work horse. It’s literally a bone-crushing piece of equipment. It works hard to grind up food and even those things that get dropped into by accident, like coins.


Some items we removed from a customer’s disposal

You usually don’t think much about it, after the plumber installed it. You might throw some lemon into it when it starts to smell funky. You may run some ice cubes through it to keep the blades sharpened. Otherwise, this kitchen work horse does its own thing.

Until one day, it doesn’t.

No one likes being caught unprepared and stuck with an emergency plumbing repair bill. Your local Willimantic CT plumber has some pointers on when it’s time to replace it.

It’s constantly clogging

Things like banana peels, BBQ bones, or chicken fat should never be run through your disposal. So, if it’s constantly clogging, be sure no one in your family is living dangerously. If everyone is careful, but it’s STILL clogging, it might be time for a replacement. It might not be the right sized model to keep up with your growing family or diet changes.

Blades get dull and motors get weak as time goes by. Generally, you can get 10-12 years out of a disposal with proper care. If it’s constantly clogging, figure out how old it is and consider a replacement.


It’s constantly smelly

Are you the first owner of the home? If not, think about just how much food has passed through the equipment, including your own. There’s a chance even the tiniest food particles can get trapped in the machine and cause a stink. Vinegar is usually an inexpensive, temporary solution. However, you still risk cross-contamination if you prepare a lot of food in your sink. Consider replacing the unit to restore cleanliness in your kitchen.


It’s constantly leaking

When you think about what a garbage disposal does, you can imagine that it carries quite a bit of weight. Your sink should support it, even the smallest gap in a seal can create big leaks. The first sign of a leak is a musty or moldy smell when you open the cabinet. You may not see water right way. Feel around under the sink. Dampness is a sign of a bigger problem. A disposal can leak around the seals, or mounting hardware. If you see water actively dripping, this could be a sign of something bigger and needs your attention sooner rather than later.

To prevent a costly plumbing and carpentry repair down the line, have your disposal professionally installed by your local licensed plumber.


Your local Willimantic CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides plumbing repair options based on “fix it,” “replace it,” or “leave it alone.” Any of our professional plumbers can troubleshoot your garbage disposal and let you know what the best options are. If it’s not broken, we’re not looking to replace it! When there are minor adjustments, we’ll suggest those. If it’s going to wind up costing you more in frequent clog repairs, or a damaged kitchen cabinet, we’ll have replacement options ready for you. Most garbage disposal replacements can be done in the same day. Call 860-228-1036 today to schedule a plumbing repair today!