Have Fun Updating Bath Fixtures

Let’s have a little fun with this post! Replacing bath fixtures can be seen as a headache of an unexpected expense. OR, it can be seen as an exciting chance to update to your heart’s desires. Taking a shower or a bath is often a time to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Even if you only have time for a quick shower, shouldn’t it still be 10 minutes of “YOU” time to enjoy?

So tell us…what DOES your heart desire?

Shower heads

When you travel, do you enjoy the multi-function shower heads in your hotel bath suite? The pulsation function can soothe away any muscle tension. The light spray can feel relaxing. Did your hotel suite also have a removable shower wand? It can make showering easier, especially if you have arthritis or mobility challenges. If you enjoy multi-tasking, a shower wand can be used to clean your shower and tub as well.

These shower options aren’t just luxuries that are out of your reach though. There are many choices available to homeowners from Delta, Kohler and Symmons.

Bath tubs

Drawing a hot bath then sinking into it and stretching your body out is almost like floating on a cloud. All your stresses and to-do lists dissolve into the water, even if only for a half hour. Wait – your knees are still above water? The tub isn’t holding water? Again, replacing your tub isn’t a extravagant expense. There are many affordable choices available. Some tubs combine luxury with functionality which are great for families. You can also choose to include shower doors if you like sleek lines and easy cleaning. Using a shower curtain is a good idea if you have younger children or pets to bathe. You can always choose to add shower doors later as your family’s needs change with time.


Okay, this MIGHT be a stretch…


Sink faucets

delta-bath-faucet-finish-optionsTouch-free faucets aren’t just for shopping malls and restaurants anymore. There are many stylish bathroom sink faucets available for home use now. They help stop the spread of germs, which is great during our long Eastern CT flu seasons. From modern to Victorian to simple, you will find the faucet that changes the look of your whole bathroom. They even come in an array of finishes, from polished chrome to oil-rubbed bronze to stain nickel. The touch-free technology has also been made affordable for homeowners, so there’s no need to deny yourself this upgrade!

Get started

We suggest making a list of all your heart’s desires and checking out some home design magazines or Pinterest for inspiration. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed or simply don’t have the time to take on a DIY bath project, give us a call. Our plumbing technicians will make a service call to help you narrow down your choices then install the fixtures you love.

We enjoy making the process as stress-free as possible, so that your left to simply enjoy your new bathroom upgrades!