A Heated Bathroom Floor Keeps Toes Toasty

Stay warm this winter

A heated bathroom floor. Just stop to think about that for a moment. A long, hot shower feels GLORIOUS during the freezing winter months. The warm water melts away the stresses of the day, and the steamy air brings relief to your irritated sinuses. It’s a relaxing end to a day or an inviting start to one. But what doesn’t feel so glorious? Stepping out into an icebox. Not only are you assaulted by the cooler air, but the floor beneath your feet might as well be an ice block! All relaxation and rejuvenation is replaced by a feeling of [insert expletive here.] It makes you want to jump back into the shower or tub, and shut the door or curtain and never come back out. Not exactly the shower experience you look forward to, right?

Types of radiant heatingHeated bathroom floor electric radiant heat

Before you lock yourself in the bathroom to hold onto that warmth
just a little bit longer, we have a solution. A heated bathroom floor! This type of heat is called radiant heat. Recently, we installed an electric radiant heated bathroom floor in Manchester CT. Another type of radiant heat is hydronic, which uses water. Electric was the best fit for our Manchester homeowner’s needs. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, please contact a professional, licensed plumbing and electrical contractor. [Lucky for you, we have BOTH types of technicians on staff.]

Benefits of a heated bathroom floor

Electric radiant heat isn’t an overly complicated upgrade to your bathroom. However, because it does involve electricity, you will need an electrician to install it. You will also need a contractor with flooring experience. The radiant heat cables are laid out and sandwiched between the sub floor, mesh and the flooring material. Most heated bathroom floors are tile because wood doesn’t conduct heat as well. An experienced contractor can weigh the pros and cons with you, to help you decide which type of flooring will work best with your design and the heating elements. Not only will your toes stay toasty in the winter, but you will also increase the value of your home.

“A nice kitchen or yard can help a home attract buyers, but it’s often bathrooms that make or break a sale.”

— Why the U.S. Housing Market Is In the Toilet: Bathrooms Are Key to Sales

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