Hebron CT Plumber Advice: Slow Drains

Slow drains don’t create the ideal showering experience. By the time you’re done rinsing the conditioner out of your hair, you’ve got water inching up your shins. If you’re a guy, you shave at the sink but don’t have time for it do drain before you have to dash out the door for work. What happens? A ring of stubble awaits for your partner to come home to. From what we’ve heard over the years, slow drains don’t make anyone happy. 

One homeowner’s experience with slow drains

One of our Hebron CT homeowners had issues with slow drains and a backed up toilet. When the toilet was flushed, it would bubble up in the tub drain. NOT a pleasant experience! The drains and toilet all fed into the septic system.

The septic company pumped out the tank but found that the inlet was majorly blocked. Our plumbing technicians worked hard to clear the years of build up in the drain. The inlet was completely PACKED with toilet paper debris. Our plumber would work to get a path freed up and allow water to flow. But then the water would be absorbed again in the next round of toilet paper debris that let loose. It took several hours and different machines to get the line cleared.

Here’s a look at one of our plumber technicians captured during the task:

hebron ct plumber slow drains cause septic system repair

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Advice from your Hebron CT plumber

Ask your your septic company to service the inlet to your system at each pump out. To avoid slow drains, we also recommend using an enzyme cleaner on a regular basis. BioClean is a type of enzymatic cleaner. It’s environmentally friendly and chemical-free. It’s safe on your plumbing and your septic system. Your local Hebron CT plumber is a distributor. Stop by the Rapid Service LLC office Monday through Friday to pick one up. Just call 860-228-1036 so it will be ready for you.