Home Selling: Columbia CT Contractor Tips

Getting market ready

Selling your Columbia CT home can be a stressful process. A buyer may have specific financing that require a few extra steps on your part, to make it a smoother transaction. A popular loan, especially for first time homebuyers, is through FHA. An FHA loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration. An appraisal and inspection is required, and can be “nit-picky.” We’ll go over some of the plumbing and electrical items that an FHA appraiser will look for. If you repair these items beforehand, it can shave weeks or months off the closing process!


FHA plumbing requirements

Everything in the house must function properly and no health or safety issues can exist. Your local Columbia CT plumber can inspect and repair the following plumbing requirements:

  • Water pressure must be adequate. The appraiser will flush toilets and showers to make sure both the hot and cold water are working.
  • Water heater must be in working order.
  • Boiler must be in working order.


FHA electrical requirements

The basic concept of meeting FHA minimum requirements is that everything must work as it was designed to do. Your local Columbia CT electrician can inspect and repair the following electrical requirements:

  • Make sure there are no exposed or frayed wires. The appraiser has to view the attic or crawl space at minimum from the shoulder up.
  • There cannot be any dangling wires from missing fixtures or anywhere else.
  • Electrical outlets must work and have cover plates.


Your local Columbia CT plumber and electrician contractor

Rapid Service LLC specializes in home repairs. Almost every day, we get at least one phone call from someone who is either buying or selling a home. The conversation always starts with, “an item came up during inspection…” and we can hear the pressure and stress. We know how easily a closing date can be pushed off due to a minor repair request. We also know how much time, money, and stress that adds to your plate. Our plumbing, heating, and electrical team is ready to help. Call our office to schedule a repair or installation today: 860-228-1036. We’re here for you!