How to Avoid an Embarrassing Plumbing Emergency

Ho, ho…oh no!

Anything regarding bodily functions generally falls into the embarrassing category. Mix a plumbing emergency in with extended family members and it can be downright mortifying.

We’ve been there to get those poor souls out of trouble. Now, we want to help keep our Willimantic CT homeowners red-faced from perhaps a little too much holiday punch, instead of embarrassment from a toilet disaster.


New toilet technology

Toilets have come a long way since they were invented in 1596. Nowadays, they use way less water to flush, making them much more efficient. New technology also addresses the not-so-easy to talk about aspects of life. Some medications do a number on your digestive system. The effects can cause uncomfortable situations such as a need to flush numerous times, or creating clogs.


Sir John Harington – inventor of the first modern flushable toilet

A flush-assist toilet provides a strong flush. You would rarely have to flush more than ones. This type of toilet costs a little more than a standard toilet. However, what you save on water, and potential embarrassment, is worth it.

A toilet with a SanaGloss glaze is another solution. This glaze prevents debris from sticking to porous, ceramic surfaces. You won’t have to flush as much, and you won’t have to clean it as often.

Prepare your plumbing for house guests

The holidays usher in good food, fun music, and a house full of guests to enjoy it all. That is, until toilet acts up. There are few things that can put a halt on a Christmas party, like not having a toilet for your friends and family to use. Before your first guest arrives, be sure to get your bathroom ready with these tips:

  • Remove any decorations from the back of the toilet. They can accidentally get knocked in.
  • Keep a wastebasket within reach. This will encourage guests to throw sanitary items into it, and not your toilet.
  • Provide toilet paper ONLY. “Flushable” wipes do NOT break down. They can cause a major back up.
  • Place a plunger behind the toilet. If you don’t have time to upgrade your plumbing this year, keep a plunger in sight to avoid embarrassing your guests, in case they need to use one.

There are even deodorizing toilet seat options!

Your local Willimantic CT emergency plumber

Rapid Service LLC provides professional plumbing upgrade installations. We also provide emergency plumbing repair for toilets, faucets, well pumps, and anything else in your home that uses water! We understand that this time of year is hectic and NO ONE wants to deal with a toilet emergency. It’s our goal to provide RAPID service so that you can get back to entertaining your friends and family. Please call 860-228-1036 if you’d like to schedule a toilet installation or repair.