How to Choose a Well Pump

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Before we can discuss what type of well pump you need for your Connecticut home, a basic assessment must be made.

Sources of water

A source of water or a well is often referred to as shallow or deep. These
terms are referring to the depth of the water source or well.

  • A shallow well is one where the water is within 25 feet of the ground surface.
  • A deep well is where the static water level is more than 25 feet down.

The standing water level in a well is called the static level. This is the water
level when the pump is not operating. When the pump comes on and is
running there often is a change in the water level.

Water System


The three basic questions

The illustration above poses a typical water system problem. The source of water is in nearly all cases lower than the house or building. This is why a pump is needed – to raise the water up to the faucets and fixtures. These are the three questions to be considered:

  1. Capacity needed.  How much water in gallons per hour or gallons per minute are needed? This determines what size pump to use.
  2. What is the total suction lift? Is a shallow or deep well pump needed?
  3. Discharge conditions. How much pressure is needed at the well pump?

The answers to these questions will help you select either a submersible pump or a jet pump for your well.

What is a jet well pump?

This type of well pump draws or sucks the water from the well to the pump, which could be located in a pump house or crawlspace some distance from the well. If they are located in or under the house, they can be noisy. There are two types of jet pumps; one line and two line. There are jet pumps for shallow and deep wells.

What is a submersible well pump?

This type of well pump submersible pumps are immersed under water near the bottom of the well. They use their existing pressure to force water out of the surface and be able to provide water for homes. The submersible pump saves you time because it is self-primed.

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Submersible well pump replaced for an Amston, CT customer by Rapid Service LLC


Depending on your answers to the top three questions, you will be able to decide what type of pump you need. We are are a Goulds Professional GPDA member. We are happy to help you make your decision. Please contact us via 1-800-229-8177 or fill out our Contact Us email form.