How to Make Your Bathroom Safe for All Ages

Your bathroom and kitchen are two dangerous spots in your home. They are both places where wateraging-in-place-bathroom-safety-tolland-ct-plumber-plumbing-tips can become a hazard. There’s the risk of electrocution if it gets too close to outlets. There are fall risks if it spills on the floor. Whether you have family members that are two or ninety-two, there are ways to make your bathroom safe for everyone.

Safety tips for your bathroom

We checked in with The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA.) They are a not-for-profit trade organization that keeps us bath professionals educated. Bathroom safety is a huge concern for a lot of our customers. We have customers that are young families, as well as those that are enjoying their retirement. We are always looking for ways to make their lives easier, while ALSO making sure those ways fit their homes’ styles. No one wants to walk into a bathroom that looks like a hospital!!

  • Slip-resistant flooring. Install it throughout your bathroom. Glazed ceramic tiles with an anti-slip finish are a good choice, but can be expensive. For a budget-friendly option, check out vinyl sheets.
  • Grab bars. These should be located by the tub or shower to make it easier to get in and out when the surfaces may be slippery. A grab bar by the toilet can decrease fall accidents.
  • New shower valves. Pressure-balanced and temperature-controlled valves will prevent scalding. This is especially important for our very little ones and our delicate aging skin.
  • GFCIs. Install these electrical receptacles near your bathroom water sources, such as sinks. Want to know more about about GFCIs? We discuss them HERE in a past blog entry.
  • Cabinet locks. Keep little nosy fingers out of dangerous cleaning chemicals or medications.

tolland-ct-plumber-bathroom-safety-upgrade-tipsYour local Tolland CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC has been upgrading bathrooms for 30 years. Sounds like a generic tagline, huh? To give you an idea of what that really means, please continue reading.

A curious toddler flushed a rubber ducky down the toilet. The parents call us. The toddler grows up and moves out. Now, the parents get to do all those remodeling projects they’ve been waiting for. They call us. That all-grown-up “rubber ducky” toddler purchases his first home. He gets married and has a family of his own. He wants to make his bathroom safe for the kids. He calls us. His parents are getting older. They are enjoying retirement and being grandparents. They want to downsize and live simply. A decision is made to make an in-law apartment. They need a handicapped-accessible bathroom. They call us.

We have provided plumbing service to many, many Tolland CT families, just like the one described above. We get to know your family and are there for you, for the long haul.

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