How to Pick the Right Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater isn’t something you think about often. In fact, most people are only aware of it when there’s a problem. If you’re not getting consistent hot water, you notice leaking around the heater, or the equipment is nearing 10 years old, it’s time to think about replacement.

Types of hot water heaters

The world of hot water heaters is as vast as the cereal aisle. There are natural gas, oil,


Oil-fired hot water heater we installed in Coventry CT

electric and hybrid options. You can find a 30-gallon water heater up to a 120-gallon unit. There are “Classic” options if your home has great water quality or “Premium” options if you deal with hard water. When it comes down to picking the right hot water heater, it can be overwhelming.

What to consider

Before you head out to a ‘box store’ or call your local Connecticut plumber, grab a piece of paper to answer the following questions:

  • How many people are in your home?
  • What are the ages of your household?
  • Are baths or showers preferred?
  • Is bathing done back-to-back?
  • How many water-using appliances and faucets are in your home?
  • How often do you host house guests?
  • Do you have hard water conditions?
  • What type of fuel do you use?


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Once you have the answers to these questions, your choices will be narrowed down quite a bit. It’s always best to speak to a professional, as the condition of your home’s electrical & plumbing systems can affect your choice as well.

Professional hot water heater installation

Once you have a few choices in mind, it’s time to make your purchase and get hot water running again! A licensed, local, professional plumber should be scheduled to complete the installation. If you currently use natural gas and are looking to install an electric hot water heater, an electrician will need to be contacted as well. Here at Rapid Service LLC, we have a staff of plumbing, heating and electrical technicians to take care of the job from start to finish. If you can’t pick which water heater you think is best, or don’t have time to deal with it, we’ll send a professional plumber out to help. “One Call Does It All!” Schedule an appointment with our office staff: 860.228.1036.