Why Ignoring a Water Leak is a Costly Mistake

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

As reported on Angie’s List, we often don’t think about the plumbing in our homes, until something goes wrong. Angie Hicks of Angie’s List said, “Water can be your home’s worst enemy. Leaving a water leak unattended can lead to serious damage to your home.”

Cost of a water leak

Hicks continued, “For example, a leak behind a wall could require drywall repair. A small drywall repair job can cost as much as $400, not to mention if you end up with mold. For example, a mold remediation job can be anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.”

Even a dripping faucet can lead to water loss and higher bills.

It’s always best to tackle a water leak – even small ones – immediately.

Signs of a water leak

Hicks added, “Easy signs of leaks in your house could be the fact that you have stains on your walls, if you have wallpaper that’s buckling, or even a wooden floor that’s buckling, or if you just smell a musty smell you need to have that investigated.”

Damage caused by leaks

Rapid Service plumbing technician, Ozzy Vale, recently visited a Storrs, CT residence. The homeowner called to report a leaky toilet.  What the technician discovered was quite shocking.

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Mold resulting from a water leak in Storrs, CT

Any pipe or drain is subject to everyday wear and tear and can often develop water leaks at the most inconvenient times. Some water leaks and drain leaks are easy to spot, either by sight or sound. One of our past blogs gives you some tips on how to detect a water leak on your own. However, there are some leaks that require professional detection services.

This is where a call to Rapid Service comes in! The Storrs, CT homeowner also has asbestos issues which makes this a bigger project. But he does not have to worry about making a bunch of calls to different contractors. We will be taking care of scheduling the mold remediation and asbestos testing, then fixing the plumbing and carpentry/drywall issues.  The customer has ONE point of contact and we ensure that his daily routine will be preserved as much as possible.