Lebanon CT Plumber Offers Outside Faucet Repair

Common spring plumbing problem

The most common springtime plumbing repair we do is for the outside faucet. A Lebanon CT homeowner will call and report water in the basement after using the hose. She thinks it’s a leaky pipe or some other plumbing problem. Another homeowner will call and explain that the faucet leaks all over the place when it’s running. Yet another will call because he tried to use the spigot and it’s stuck shut. When these calls start rolling in, we are prepared.

Leaky outside faucet solution

When a Rapid Service plumber technician arrives at the Lebanon CT home with water in the basement, he’ll check the outside faucet plumbing. Most of the time, he’ll find that the valve froze and split over the winter. He’ll recommend a repair that includes a frost-free faucet. This type of faucet can help prevent freezing. It’s designed so that the pipe extends through the sidewall of the house. Combined with the flow valve, the pipe remains in the heated interior to prevent freezing.


For the leaky or stuck outside spigot, he’ll determine if all of it needs to be replaced or just a part of it. After the troubleshooting process, he’ll talk with you about what he found. You get to choose from a couple of options with upfront pricing. The plumber technician will make the repair and you’ll be back in business in a couple hours!

Your local Lebanon CT plumber

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