Marlborough CT Emergency Plumber Advice

A plumber can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Believe me, I’ve heard all kinds of stories! From not showing up, to poor craftsmanship, I’ve heard from many exasperated homeowners. Your local Marlborough CT emergency plumber strives to be the exception. In the event of a plumbing disaster, we want you to feel in charge of the situation until we get there.

Plumbing emergency tips

Doesn’t it always seem like “Murphy’s Law” when something bad happens? A house full of guests and the water heater bursts. You just bought a house and a pipe splits. The dog got sprayed with a skunk and the outside spigot flooded your basement. Long day with the kids left you wanting a relaxing bath, but there’s no water.

We know how stressful and crazy it can get. Here a some tips to make it a little easier while you wait for a plumber:

  • Water heater burst. Locate the shut-off valve on the cold water side. The tank will try to keep filling up if you don’t, which will lead to more water on your floor. Once your plumber arrives, ask him about ‘leak detection’ which can send alerts to your smart phone!
  • Split pipe. Find your whole-house water shut-off valve. Whatever water that’s in the system will continue to drain, but using the valve will stop more water from coming in. Our YouTube video shows you how to find your home’s shut-off.
  • Broken outside spigot. Again, find the shut-off valve. The spigot may have split over the winter. Our Marlborough CT plumber can install a frost-free faucet in its place to avoid a mess in the future.
  • No water. Go to your electrical panel, also called a breaker box. Turn the power off to your well pump. This will prevent your well pump from burning out until emergency plumbing service arrives.


Your local Marlborough CT emergency plumber

marlborough-ct-emergency-plumber-plumbing-repairsRapid Service LLC has seen its share of plumbing disasters since 1987. That’s why we have a TEAM of people to help you. To start off, when you call us, you will talk to a person, not a voicemail where you may be left waiting hours for a call back. Then, you will be given a time-frame of when to expect a PROFESSIONAL plumber. And guess what? He will SHOW UP! Not only that, but he’ll have years of experience and training to get the work done THE SAME DAY. This means less time out of work and/or away from your family and having your routine disrupted as little as possible. You will also have NO SURPRISE over your bill. That’s because we give you a written proposal with UPFRONT PRICING.

We’ve been around the Marlborough CT block a few times – probably even yours! We know that plumbing emergencies are stressful. We pride ourselves in providing the very best, courteous service to every homeowner we visit. For professional, prompt plumbing repair service, please call 860-228-1036.