May is Electrical Safety Month

DIY electrical safety tips

May is electrical safety month. A licensed, qualified electrical professional should perform the repairs in your home. However, if you decide to DIY, here are some safety tips:

  • Always turn off the power at your electrical panel before you begin a repair.
  • Never touch plumbing or gas pipes during your repair.
  • Trust your gut. If you think you’re in over your head, call a professional.

Older homes electrical safety tip

If your home is older than 40 years, you should have a professional electrician inspect your home. The electrical panel, outside service, outlets and lights should all be checked. Most older homes are not wired to support all of the electronics we need in today’s world. Having an inspection reduces the chances of fire and may catch issues before they become bigger problems. And bigger problems usually mean bigger expenses.

Did you know?

The power strips you buy at the store are NOT surge protectors? They only “protect” the things that are directly plugged into them by diverting the surge into the ground. They do not suppress or arrest a surge. The power strips also do not provide more power – they just allow more things to be plugged into that outlet. Chances are, that outlet cannot handle everything that is plugged into it and is a fire hazard. The graphic below provides more information about surge protection.

For more electrical safety tips, please visit the Electrical Safety Foundation International‘s website.



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