No water is no fun

Problem: No water in the home

Waking up on a Monday is hard enough. Waking up on a Monday to find out you have no water is just about devastating. No coffee to activate the synapses. No shower to jolt your drowsiness. And now a stressful situation that you didn’t anticipate. Having no water is just no fun.

One of our Coventry CT homeowners faced this exact situation recently. With empathetic reassurance, our customer service rep worked quickly to dispatch a technician.

Solution: Replace broken wire

Once the pump system was tested, our technician determined that there was no water because the electrical wire to the well pump was broken. The wire was not protected. He coordinated the necessary excavation from the home to the well. A new well wire was run through a wire sleeve from the well head to the home. The pipe on the outside of the home was terminated.  A new pipe was connected into the home and onto the well tank. Once the repair was made, the excavated area was back filled and raked out.

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The next morning, our Coventry CT customer was able to wake up and have his cup of coffee. It’s the little things!


If you should ever find yourself in a similar no water situation, we can be reached 24/7 by calling 860-228-1036 or toll-free 800-229-8177. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter.