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Leaky Water Heater: What to Expect

Leaky water heater causes A water heater isn’t made to last forever. Routine maintenance is the best way to prevent a leaky water heater. The typical lifespan of this equipment is 10-12 years. If the unit is inspected on at least every two years, you’re prolonging its lifespan. During a water heater inspection, the anode […]

Protect Pipes to Prepare for Winter

Heating season will be here before we know it! Although this weekend’s forecast is calling for temps in the 80’s, winter is just around the corner. We’ve had enough cool autumn mornings to remind us how chilly it’s going to be. Get prepared Last winter season, we had a TON of calls reporting frozen pipes […]

Plumbing Vocabulary: Thingamabobs and Watchacallits

Plumbing vocabulary We sometimes forget that we have our own little vocabulary in the plumbing world. We have to remember that terms we use everyday, are not terms that our homeowners are used to. In fact, if someone walked into our office, they might think we were crazy discussing bonnets and snakes! We’d like to […]

10 Ways to Spot Counterfeit Electrical Products

Counterfeit electrical products or legit? Buying a counterfeit electrical product may save you a few bucks, but is it worth putting the safety of your loved ones and home at risk? The Electrical Safety International Foundation (ESFI) has put together 10 tips to help you spot counterfeit electrical products. What to look for Only a […]

How to Save Money on a Water Heater

Save on an electric water heater There is a $400 INSTANT rebate out there right now to replace your old electric water heater. A heat pump water heater will cut your water heating costs by up to 50%. Energize Connecticut is offering the instant rebate. The heat pump water heater must be ENERGY STAR-certified and […]

Summer Plumbing Issues

Summertime plumbing issues As summer is winding down and back-to-school sales are being advertised, your plumbing may be showing signs of stress. Summer break meant that the kids were home more or that you had out-of-town relatives visiting. The burst of increased usage took a toll on your home’s toilets, garbage disposal, and faucets.  Toilet: Sleepovers, […]

How to Solve Hard Water Issues

What is hard water? “Hard water” occurs when there is an overabundance of minerals in your home’s water supply. Over half of the earth’s water comes from ground water. As water passes through the ground, it picks up minerals from the Side effect of hard water: pipe is being corroded from the inside, resulting in […]

Signs of Bad Electrical Outlet

Bad electrical outlet signs Isn’t it funny how quickly time passes us by? One minute, you’re unpacking boxes and setting up ‘house’ in your new home. The next minute, you’re calling your local electrician because an electrical outlet is sparking. It’s only when making that phone call that you realize 20 years has passed since […]

Surge Protection from Summer Storms

Summer is a wonderful time of year for trips to the beach and picnics at the park. Unfortunately, we always have to keep our eyes to the skies for the unexpected thunderstorms in CT. High humidity levels create some powerful lightning storms that can wreck havoc on your home’s electrical system. Surge protection can help […]

What is a Root Ball?

Last week on Facebook, we posted a picture of a root ball and someone asked what exactly that meant. “It looks so much like a snake or something,” she commented. ‘Snake’ is one of the kinder euphemisms that come to mind when looking at this root ball we extracted from a home in Mansfield, CT. […]

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