Plumbing Tips for Pet Lovers

Plumbing tips for pet lovers

From cats to dogs, from birds to hamsters, we love our pets! We give them soft squishy beds, yummy treats and lots of lovin’. They quickly warm their way into our hearts and earn their places as family members. There are lots of blogs out there that address making your home safe for children and babies. We want to make sure there’s one for the furbabies in your lives as well! Here are some plumbing tips to protect your four-legged family members:

Prevent accidental poisoning

You pad into your bathroom in the middle of the night and suddenly your sock is soaked. You fear the worst and flip on the switch. Phew! Not pee!! But you find the telltale signs that Fido was lapping up the cool water from the toilet bowl again. Keep your toilet lid closed to prevent accidental poisoning. Leftover residue from chemical toilet cleaners can be hazardous to pets. Entice Fido to stay away by keeping his bowl full of fresh water daily.

Prevent drain clogs

When the Eastern Connecticut cooler weather kicks in, bathing your pet outside is no longer an option. Taking her to the groomer may not be in the budget or is


Meet Woodstock – one of the Rapid Service furbabies

traumatizing to your pet. You can bathe your pet in the comforts of home without damaging your plumbing. A drain strainer or stopper will prevent hair from going down the drain and eventually clogging it. Drain strainers can be found at any local or major hardware store. They are a very inexpensive way to prevent a clogged drain or slow drain plumbing repair.

Another one of our plumbing tips is that nothing should be flushed down your toilet besides human waste and toilet paper. This means no kitty litter in the toilet. Just as there are “flushable” wipes on the market, there is “flushable” kitty litter. Unless you want a huge plumbing mess on your hands, please don’t flush ANY litter! [As if you wanted to make the litter box chore any more gross, right?]

Prevent a water leak

We all know that dogs love to dig, dig, dig! Make sure you know where your water and sewer lines are. Some Connecticut lines are very shallow and it doesn’t take long to unearth. A water line can look much like a chew toy. You know what they say about a dog with a bone! Keep your pets away from your water and sewer lines to avoid flooding your yard, losing water to your home and facing a large plumbing repair bill.

Your local pet lovin’ plumber

Everyone here at Rapid Service LLC loves their pets. We understand the special circumstances they can create and can offer helpful solutions.  For example, we’ve installed handheld shower heads to make bath time a bit easier. These plumbing tips address just a few of the most common problems we see. Please give our office a call to schedule any plumbing repair or installation: 860-228-1036.