Pro Plumber Advice: Prep Your Water Heater for Winter

Water damage is the MOST expensive repair to face. Most water damage in Coventry CT homes happens during the winter months. Burst and frozen pipe repair is the most common plumbing emergency we get called out for. Not only do you have to pay for a plumber, but then you have to fix sheetrock, replace rugs and even furniture. You may have to go without heat in the dead of winter, until a plumber can get out to you. Snow and icy roads can make that wait even longer.

How can this headache [and expense!] be avoided? Get proactive!! Plan to check over all the plumbing in your home NOW, in the fall, before the temperatures get below freezing. Check for any exposed pipes, seal up any cracks in basement windows and foundations, and have your water heater serviced. Many of you already check on your pipes before winter, but the water heater is often overlooked.

Water heater check-up

The temperature dips, thaws and quick freezes of Coventry CT winters put an enormous stress on the metals of your coventry-ct-plumber-water-heater-plumbing-emergencyhome’s plumbing system. The metals contract and expand over and over, which can lead to cracks, especially on older equipment. Your water heater is prone to this kind of damage. When’s the last time you had yours checked out? Whether you have a gas, oil or electric unit, it should be inspected every 2-3 years. If it hasn’t been checked out in awhile, we can almost be that the time it will decide to ‘go bust’ will be in the winter time!

While your prepping your home for winter, add scheduling a plumber to do a water heater check. You know, the whole “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” thing.

Your local Coventry CT plumber

Rapid Service LLC is your local plumber to help you get ready for the long winter ahead. A water heater check-up includes checking all the piping leading to and out of the unit for leaks. The anode rod will also be checked and replaced if necessary. A “drip pan” or “water alarm” can be installed for further protection, at your request. Please call our office to schedule service before winter officially arrives: 860-228-1036.

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