Pro Electrician Advice: Holiday Safety Tips

Your local Columbia CT electrician wants your family to stay SAFE during holiday decorating. We always look forward to sharing wonderful tips & graphics from ESFI each year. Please share this information with your friends and family on Facebook to help us get the word out! Let’s work together to keep the holidays safe for everyone!

esfi-holiday-fire-safety-tips-columbia-ct-electrician6 ways to prevent holiday fires

  • Keep all decorations at least 3 feet away from heat sources, such as candles, fireplaces, and radiators.
  • Check all your light cords for signs of damage, such as fraying or pinched wires. If you spot those signs, THROW THEM OUT!
  • Never string multiple extension cords together. Your local Columbia CT electrician also recommends NOT running any electrical cords under carpets.
  • Keep an eye on cooking equipment. If you have to leave the room, turn off the burners.
  • Turn off your space heater before you go to sleep or leave the house. Children and pets may be tempted to play next to the warmth – redirect them someplace safer.
  • Remember to water your live Christmas tree daily. You can set a reminder alarm on your smartphone to help you remember.

Fun holiday electrical safety video for the kids

Kids LOVE to help decorate for the holidays. It’s a great time to show this little video. We know how short attention spans can be, and how hard it is to contain excitement. This YouTube cartoon is only a minute long – but its lesson can last a lifetime!


Your local Columbia CT electrician

Rapid Service LLC has been providing local, professional electrical repairs for almost 30 years! Families in Columbia, Andover, Windham and surrounding CT towns depend on us to repair electrical fire hazards. Some signs that you need to call an electrician ASAP include: flickering lights, ‘hot’ outlets, or water or rust in your electrical panel. These can all lead to electrical fires. We wish you a SAFE, happy season of holiday decorating and fun! 🙂