Pro Heating Advice: How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I pulled out the winter woolies and fuzzy blankets a couple weeks ago! I’m still holding out on turning on the heat but getting the house ready nonetheless. Winter’s on the horizon here in Mansfield CT. I’m going to share what I’ve learned to prevent frozen pipes in my home. Now’s the time to get everything ready BEFORE the temps really plummet and we’re buried under snow.


How to prevent frozen pipes

  • Drafts: Take a walk around your home, including the basement. Check for signs of daylight under doors. Look for cracked weatherstripping and caulk. Many older Mansfield CT homes have single-pane windows. Check the putty [glazing] on those windows and make sure there are no cracks. All of these spaces are places where heat can escape your home AND let cold air in. No one likes a higher heating bill! The cold air coming in can also create another bill for plumbing. Any drafts near your pipes can freeze them during one of our infamous blustery Nor’easters. A frozen pipe is like a frozen soda can. It will eventually burst once the ice runs out of room.


  • Heat: I’m a cheapo saver, I admit it. It’s tempting to turn down the heat when everyone’s at work or school to shave a few bucks off my heating bill. After a few winters holding down the fort here at Rapid Service, I’ve learned it’s probably one of the worst things I could have been doing. AND it could have cost me even MORE money had my pipes frozen! The last thing I need around the holidays is a repair bill for frozen pipes. Our heating technicians recommend keeping your home at least 68°F at all times. This also reduces the stress on your boiler. It won’t have to work so hard to bring up the temp in your house, once everyone gets home. Since it won’t have to work so hard, it will run more efficiently, SAVING you on your fuel costs!


  • Cold snaps: It wouldn’t be New England if we weren’t treated with 50° weather one day, and 10° the next. When you hear about a forecasted cold snap, there are a few things you can do to prevent a frozen pipe. First, open up any cupboards with plumbing inside, that are on an outside wall. This allows the heat in that room to keep the pipes warm. Second, turn the heat up in your home to keep the warm air circulating. Third, turn on one of your faucets at a slight drip. If the water in your home is kept moving, it will lower the risk of frozen pipes.


Pro “insider” tip

Despite all of our prep and best intentions, things can still happen. Frozen pipes can be thawed out before they bursts. You can use a hairdryer to SLOWLY thaw frozen pipes. PLEASE DO NOT USE AN OPEN FLAME SOURCE TO THAW A FROZEN PIPE! We see too many stories of house fires stemming from these types of attempts. Low and slow is the BEST way to go in this situation.


Your local Mansfield CT heating pro

mansfield-ct-emergency-plumber-frozen-pipes-rapid-service-plumbingTo provide our community with greater peace of mind for the upcoming heating season, Rapid Service LLC is offering a FREE heating check-up. A heating technician will check all of your plumbing pipes to help you prepare them for winter. Additionally, he will check the safety components on your boiler to avoid emergency repairs in the dead of winter, or any health-risks from carbon monoxide.

We want to get out to you as soon as possible when you have no heat in the winter, just like our name suggests. Please keep in mind that Mother Nature has other plans some days. When feet of snow and layers of ice coat the roads, we can’t safely dispatch our technicians. We urge you to prepare NOW and take us up on our offer to prevent frozen pipes. Please call 860-228-1036 to schedule today!